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We were founded by entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs

We founded Charles E. Snyder III Marketing in 1999 on some basic beliefs.  First of which is we help small businesses get more customers – entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs.  Another is that we know not all small businesses have access to the same resources that larger businesses have.  Last but not least, we have seen that small businesses are often forced to look for services from 3 or more vendors.  i.e. web hosting, web design, SEO, advertising, etc.

We have found that way to cost a lot, cause more than a few headaches and to be rather time-consuming too.  But in the mid to late 90s, we did not see very many choices either.  So begins our journey.

At first, our company was called Wolfen Web Design and we provided just that type of service.  In 2006, our company was re-organized as River Valley Hosting & Web Design.  Our name change came with the addition of web hosting services while still also providing web design services.  We combined these two basic business needs under one roof.  And as the years progressed, we added other services like SEO, social media as well as blogging and eCommerce.

But in 2016, we made a huge change for the better.  Our main idea of entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs was still there, we just gave it much more clarity.  Since it is impossible to stay in business without enough customers, marketing became our main focus.  It is now our mission, our focus, our obsession.  We still offer those other services, but now as a part of the bigger picture under marketing and advertising.

Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs get more customers – that’s us today, more so than ever before!

Charles E. Snyder III Marketing:
Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs Get More Customers

Entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs get more customers - Charles E. Snyder III Marketing

Charles E. Snyder III Marketing is a family; we like to have fun with what we do and it shows through in our work. We are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs get more customers and we enjoy what we do!

March 2017, we became Charles E. Snyder III Marketing.  The company was renamed, re-branded and reorganized to specialize in online advertising.  Specifically we use social media, which has become the great game-changer and it is the only way to get more customers.  We excel at turning click into paying customers for you.

Almost every industry you can imagine.  Almost every product or service you can think of.  Your potential customers live on social media.  And unless you are able to use the tools to reach them, your business is going to die in 2017!

We know that getting more customers, saving time and cutting costs is not easy!

You can start getting more customers right now with Charles E. Snyder III Marketing for FREE!

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