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At Charles E. Snyder III Marketing (formerly River Valley Hosting & Web Design or RVHWD), we are a team.  But not just any team, we are also a growing family.  Here is a little about our team members as well as our mission statement and core set of values.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of Charles E. Snyder III Marketing to deliver more freaking business than our customers are looking for, while providing the best damn customer service experience and developing life-long friendships along the way.

Core Values

The team members of Charles E. Snyder III Marketing shall conduct themselves professionally with compassion, caring and understanding at all times.  We will keep it real, honest, simple and to the point in a customer-friendly manner so that our customers can focus on what really matters to them – their businesses.  Our company will always be a hype-free zone of absolutely zero bullshit.

Our Family

Charles E. Snyder III

Charles E. Snyder III
“The Marketing Ninja”

Charles is the owner and lead marketing guru, thus the name of the company.  He is a veteran of the fire service of more than 30 years, plus 3 more years in emergency management.  In addition to his penchant for running into disasters as every sane person is running away, he has made a name for himself in certain circles for effectively addressing disasters in business and organizations from public relations to marketing.  He is also a published author and public speaker on a number of topics including internet marketing.

When Charles isn’t working on business or one of his several pet-projects, he can often be found reading and learning about marketing, watching a movie or playing video games occasionally.  His hobbies include flirting with his fiancee Ann, playing the occasional practical joke on someone, writing a science-fiction novel, playing video games and more recently joining a gym in order to “get back into shape.”

Favorite Quote: “The mind is like a parachute; both only work when they are open.”

Anne C. Magnabe

Ann C. Magnabe
“Goddess of Operations”

Ann is the Lead Account Manager and “Supreme Goddess of Operations” with our company.  She graduated from business school in 2013 and holds several Microsoft Office certifications too.  Prior to joining our team in 2016, she was the manager of a busy Internet Cafe and Business Center for about 5 years.  Additionally, she is fluent in reading, writing and speaking Tagalog, Ilonggo and English as well as speaking Cebuano.

When Ann isn’t busy working and reminding Charles of something he should be doing, she can be found watching some of her favorite TV shows from the Philippines or just reading to relax.  Her hobbies include spending quality time with her fiancee Charles and occasionally scolding him, playing with her two dogs Nyxhie and Lexus (the company mascots), chatting with her family and friends or even playing the occasional video game.

Favorite Quote: “No.”