Privacy Policy

Your privacy is a top priority at RVHWD.  The following will explain in plain language, exactly how your information is handled and whom is able to access it, etc.  Your personal information is of the utmost importance and will not be distributed unless requested to do so by you or compelled by a court order.

Your Online Account Information

Your online account and payment information is password protected and encrypted.  No one other than you and RVHWD may view your personal or financial information or have access to your web hosting account and all associated web services.

PLEASE NOTE: All payments are safely and securely handled via PayPal with the latest encryption technologies.

Surveys & Testimonials

Any and all information that you send to RVHWD in the form of a testimonial or survey, will be kept confidential unless otherwise specified by you.  Additionally, if your testimonial or survey is used for promotional purposes by RVHWD, neither your full name or contact information will be released without your written consent.

RVHWD Privacy Policy

In accordance to the Privacy Act of 1974, River Valley Hosting & Web Design (RVHWD) will not sell, rent or otherwise distribute any of your personal contact information, your financial information, account information or any other personally identifiable information, in whole or in part, intentionally or by any other means.  Your information will only be released by RVHWD upon your written consent and/or ordered to do so by a Court Of Law.  All of your personally identifiable information such as phone numbers, mailing/shipping addresses, e-mail accounts, passwords, credit card information or bank account information will only be securely maintained by RVHWD and/or safely stored with limited access at the main office, electronically or otherwise.