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WordPress Update 4.7.4 Released

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WordPress Update 4.7.4 Released

Hey everyone, I just wanted to give all the WordPress users out there a heads-up that there is a new version of the CMS available.  The latest iteration of WordPress 4.7.4 was just released today, 20 April 2017, so be sure to update those websites/blogs if they have not done so automatically already.

This is a maintenance update aimed at fixing 46 known issues and bugs, one of the more notable ones being that it fixes the bug with thumbnail images and video or audio players when uploading media.  Additionally, a known compatibility issue with the upcoming latest release of Google Chrome and the visual editor has been fixed too.  About half of the rest of the updates and fixes all address problems with customization of your WordPress CMS.

Of course any time there is an update and you find new bugs or existing ones do not quite go away, you can always submit a Bug Report.

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