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5 Minutes With Charles: More On Business Blogging

I hope that everyone had a great Easter holiday weekend, I know I did, but it’s Tuesday already so it’s back to work.  Today’s installment I refer back to some of the statistics in the previous video 5 Minutes With Charles: 5 Blogging Facts and as an example, talk about one particularly successful project where a volunteer fire department went from a few dozen visitors a month to nearly 8,000 in less than a year.  They started off with a pretty boring website, but when I was brought in to fix things, they started creating content that appealed to their customers (the community they served) and as a direct consequence, their fundraising and volunteer recruitment efforts flourished beyond all expectations.

P.S. I will be publishing a lot more content just like this, so if you feel this is good shit – let us know!  Also, be sure to ask your questions on any of our social media pages and who knows, maybe your question will be the next one to get answered in one of my videos.

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