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5 Minutes With Charles: Create A Solid Foundation

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5 Minutes With Charles: Create A Solid Foundation

With today’s installment, I take a look at the whole content-conundrum from a different view with an article that I stumbled upon titled, “Why Content Marketing Is King” by Kristen Buzzaird.  It’s short read, but with highly valuable insight – so I talk about the four main points of that article, showing how it applies to the previous videos that I have published.  Here are the four key points of the article:

  • The content is your message, your message is the content
  • Content informs your customers and potential customers
  • The content gives your customers something useful
  • Content forms the foundation for search engine ranking and SEO

Enjoy and practice safe content creation!

P.S. I will be publishing a lot more content just like this, so if you feel this is good shit – let us know!  Also, be sure to ask your questions on any of our social media pages and who knows, maybe your question will be the next one to get answered in one of my videos.

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