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The Safari Continues…

No Bugs Allowed

No Bugs Allowed!

As was mentioned yesterday in the article titled, RVHWD Updates (<— that’s a hyperlink by the way), the bug-hunt for formatting gremlins and other inconsistencies continues as we work on getting everything back up to snuff on the RVHWD website.  It has been quite the safari, hunting down some of the more elusive annoyances to say the least.

But in fact, most of the pages have been updated and fixed as of this afternoon – we’re getting there!

Once the pages are all done, the next step will be eliminating the annoying CSS issues that we have ran into – especially the one involving text hyperlinks, like the one above!  Because everything else, including more articles and the re-launching of the secure client area, is on a temporary hold until then.  The reason for it is quite simple – why create more awesome content that looks like crap and is not easy to navigate?

seo drill instructor

Get this website fixed now, numb-nuts!

In any case, the purpose of this update is not to gripe about what is, but to keep you informed of our on-going progress.  So to sum it all up, we are indeed making progress!

About 2/3 of pages are done and we are working on the next one as of this posting.  The remaining pages should be done some time tomorrow, at which point we will switch to getting the CSS kinks ironed out – tentatively no later than Saturday afternoon.  Sunday we will take a breather, unless SEO Gunny blows another gasket and goes semi-postal because the fixes aren’t done yet; we shall see.

On Monday, things will be (mostly) back to normal and back on schedule!

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