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Social Media: The Living Resume

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Social Media: The Living Resume

Social Media

Social Media: How to CRUSH your competition in 30 days!

Previously in Social Media: Professional Branding #2 we covered how to create your professional image on social media in greater detail.  Specifically, that article covered the seven essential steps to creating your professional presence online in generic terms that applies to any social media website.  There are differing nuances to each such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter to be sure, but you certainly possess the knowledge to get the ball rolling!

But how do we use these professionally branded profiles to start driving traffic to our websites and generating leads to fill our sales funnel?  Better still, how do we use creative content to help facilitate lead generation from social media websites?

RVHWD Digital Marketing Services

RVHWD Digital Marketing Services

From Professional Profile to Marketing Masterpiece

Being effective at creating content and sharing it on social media websites is an absolutely essential skill for this stage in the game.  Ideally, you want to get the right content to the right people at the right time.  In other words it is relevant content delivered in a timely manner with a your own personal touch.  This is the very stuff that separates the remarkably savvy marketers from everyone else!

It should also be noted that these super-savvy social media marketers are not simply hitting a share button on content and calling it a day.  They in fact create a thoughtful message that appeals to their audience on social media, with a link back to their website or blog post for more details.  This is what makes them truly shine and perform above and beyond the competition.

Last but not least, it should also be noted that these folks also use their professional profiles as a living resume.  A living resume is something that grows and changes over time with the addition of content, preferably original ideas on subjects that matter to their audience.  You do this by using your social media accounts as a resource as opposed to just a static resume (i.e. adding content on a regular basis versus doing nothing with it).

This builds reputation (i.e. Public Image/becoming the expert) and regularly creating your own content builds upon that solid foundation.  This also drastically increases your visibility on social media, in search engine results and especially with social search (i.e. building authority).  Additionally, with each and every post on a social media website with links back to your website or blog content, it builds permanent pathways for someone to find you and your company later on and possibly even become a buyer.

Be sure to come back for the next article, Social Media: From Marketing to Sales and please be sure to share with a friend or comment below!

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