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Social Media: Social Selling Revisited

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Social Media: Social Selling Revisited

Social Media: Social Selling Revisited

Social Media: Social Selling Revisited

Social Media: How to CRUSH your competition in 30 days!

Last year in December 2015, we published two articles titled Social Media: Social Selling Part 1 & Part 2 respectively.  We outlined the 5 essential steps needed to master the art of the sales process with social media, otherwise better known as social selling.  This is also known as one aspect or part of what is now called in-bound marketing.  But no matter what you call it, it is the new way of making more highly targeted sales, increasing up-sales and just generally being more in touch with your target audience.

However, over the past six months of publishing those articles on social selling, there seems to be some degree of confusion.  Confusion over what really amounts to minor details in the greater scheme of things.  There also seems to be some misunderstanding about the most critical parts of social media to boost sales.  So lets cut right to the chase; the purpose of in-bound marketing or any other form of marketing for that matter is to boost sales.  Thus the reason for this article; Social Media: Social Selling Revisited in order to clarify the problem areas.

The point of Social Media: Social Selling Revisited is to make sales

Yes, you read that correctly.  The point or the ultimate goal of any marketing effort is to positively increase sales.  If it isn’t increasing sales, then there is a problem somewhere that needs to be fixed.  Be honest with yourself; the point of a blog, social media, branding and so on is all about improving your bottom line.  If it isn’t improving, then your focus needs to be elsewhere in the sales process to fix it.  In other words, all the great content in the world doesn’t amount to a hill of beans if you cannot close the deal.

Also, all of the techniques that have been written about in the 100+ articles here on the [Charles E. Snyder III Marketing] blog work.  The questions and sometimes the complaints that we see far too often involve some form of trying to cheat the system or they are simply not putting in the work.  It takes time, effort and patience to build traffic to your website or blog; but the next step is to do something with that traffic.  If your message is not clear or confusing as to what visitors are to do on your website, you will not make sales!

Here is the deal; it doesn’t matter how much traffic you get to your website each month or how many social shares your blog gets if you cannot sell.  Again, being honest here, the whole point of starting and running your own business is to make money.  Right?

Social Media: Social Selling Revisited Conclusion

[Charles E. Snyder III Marketing] can drive a lot of targeted traffic to you and we can even help you get potential customers, but it is up to you and your team to make the sale.  To close the deal.  To provide prompt and courteous customer service.  To respond to and follow up with leads in a timely manner.  In fact a recent poll conducted by a marketing agency shows that a business is up to 10 times less likely to make a sale if they do not follow up with a lead within the first 30 minutes of them submitting their information.

This concludes the Social Media: Crush the Competition in 30 Days! series of articles.

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