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Social Media: From Marketing to Sales

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Social Media: From Marketing to Sales

Social Media

Social Media: How to CRUSH your competition in 30 days!

Now that you have a professional profile and you are working it into a marketing masterpiece as discussed in Social Media: The Living Resume, you should also be using your social media as a means of building or highlighting your experience, educational background, expertise.  This develops credibility and authority in the eyes of your growing audience – so be sure that you are keeping your profile up to date with your recent projects, awards and achievements.

You may already be asking yourself, “But how does this translate into more sales?”  Well that is the purpose of this article; showing you how you can use social media to get more sales, close more deals and hit your sales goals much faster, month in and month out!

RVHWD Digital Marketing Services

RVHWD Digital Marketing Services

Leveraging Social Media for Marketing & Sales

Traditionally, the selling scenario usually involved someone selling something to someone potentially buying.  This involved a lot of cold-calling and resulted in an average of just a 3% success rate.  This was a result of the seller not knowing or understanding the potential buyer – who they are, what they wanted and more importantly, what they care about.

But in this modern era of digital marketing and social media, that no longer needs to be the case.  By using social media, you are able to better understand your prospect well before they ever contact you or at least you should because your prospects are doing their own research.  This is the very heart and soul of social selling and as was just mentioned, your prospects are doing research before they contact you, so you better be on top of your game.

In a nutshell, social selling is about finding your prospects online and researching to see what their pain points are, so that you can fulfill their needs.  This could be something as simple as needing more information or guidance or perhaps they already have a similar product or service and are not happy and are looking to switch.  Maybe they don’t even know that they have a pain that you can solve until you get out there and insert yourself into conversations and start offering solutions.

Social selling helps the buyer to do research and find products or services worth purchasing.  It also helps to develop a level of trust that was not possible on initial contact in traditional marketing.  But rest assured that your potential clients are indeed on social media such as LinkedIn, looking for that information and recommendations from their peers, so it is absolutely essential that you get “out there” and get involved in those sorts of conversations.  And by doing so, you start developing relationships that will help to create life-long customers and perhaps even a few evangelists!

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