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RVHWD: Back With A Vengeance

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RVHWD: Back With A Vengeance

RVHWD makes a come-back!

Sylvester Stalone in Rocky (1976)

Remember those ‘Rocky’ movies where the hero got his butt whooped at the beginning and then made a come-back of epic proportions to win by the end of the movie?

Well 2016 has been rather epic with delays, a number of technical issues to hurdle, hackers doing their dumb shit, floods, wild-fires, high winds and a wide variety of other annoying and/or time-consuming crap.  But we’re not complaining, it’s all part of running a business, rather we are saying it just to let our community of loyal follows and supporters know that we haven’t forgotten you.  However, it is the reason that RVHWD has not published much in the line of more of your favorite content since April/May 2016. 

Like that ‘Rocky’ guy that beat people’s fists up with his face, RVHWD is making a come-back too!  Getting back on track, RVHWD has been working behind the scenes in order to resolve a particularly annoying issue with our own website kicking out errors occasionally when people visit.  We are aware of the issue and we are working on nailing it down.  One benefit of this has been reverting the website back to the updated and streamlined version we used in 2015.  This has resulted in a reduced page-loading time of nearly 1 second across all web pages and posts.  Yet the memory issue remains elusive, causing errors about 20% of the time (which is about 19.999% too much!) but more on that later.

Another particularly annoying issue has finally been resolved with our shopping cart security, so we are in the process of reintegrating that back into the website, which will make your shopping experience much more secure.  That means that the secure customer service area will be back very soon with all of the tools that you need to manage your account with RVHWD.  The client area, the FAQs, the tutorials and so much more will be back very soon, so keep an eye on the website for more updates.

Last but far from least, RVHWD will also be getting back into the swing of publishing more great content for the remainder of 2016, starting today.


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