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9 Super-Easy Hacks for more Outstanding Email Results

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9 Super-Easy Hacks for more Outstanding Email Results

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Email Marketing Secrets

Email Marketing Secrets: Revealed

The subject line of an email has been considered the keyhole or window of opportunity, through which your recipients take a peak at the content inside.  That tiny bit of information is then used to make a quick decision whether or not they want to read your email.  You have that one, brief moment in time to capture their attention, so it is extremely important to carefully plan your email before it is sent.

Subject lines like “Nice to meet you!” or “Just following up” or “Thank you for taking my call” do not promise much in the lines of any benefit to your recipient and more often than not, those sorts of emails just get deleted.  It is almost like telling your client that their time will be wasted by opening your email.  So the real trick is to grab their attention by promise something more that your recipient will be interested in.

RVHWD Digital Marketing Services

RVHWD Digital Marketing Services

 There are a lot of ways that you can allude to something of value to the recipient, in the subject line of the email.  It could be something personal, it could be something timely or it could just as easily be something unusual or even funny.  But no matter what that might be, it also needs to be something that the recipient doesn’t want to miss, needs to know or just makes them smile.

Here are nine super-easy hacks to promise something more in the subject line and get more opens:

  1. Say something different – Often, you may even catch yourself doing this, people open up an email simply because the subject line was something different.  Come up with something that is not your run of the mill subject that promises something more and then be sure to deliver on that.
  2. Play to their professionalism – People rarely if ever respond to sales email from vendors, but they often open and respond to team or project email; imagine that!  Ask for their input or feedback to pique their interest.  But never-ever-ever mark the email as urgent or using the terms like ‘important’ or ‘urgent’ in the subject line – it’s a desperation tactic.
  3. Ask open-ended questions – Not the simple yes/no kind like you used to pass to someone you liked in grade school.  Open-ended questions require a personal detailed response and most people love to be the one with the answers.
  4. Use incomplete thoughts – Using incomplete sentences is a great way to get people to…  See?  It’s incomplete and it’s also a fantastic way to grab someone’s attention; they will want to know what the rest of the story is.  But use a hyphen at the end of it instead of three periods, repeating characters in subjects lines will sometimes get flagged a spam.
  5. Refer to the contents of the email – Statistically speaking, subject lines that summarize the content get the most opens.  An example would be like the heading of this article.
  6. Use numbers – Using numbers is a good idea because it is definitive.  Articles or answers with numbered lists do well because people like the promise of an informative and short list.  Again an excellent example of that would be the title of this article.
  7. Avoid using technical jargon – Don’t use acronyms or any tech-heavy terms that only insiders would understand.  Keep it simple and easy to understand.
  8. Keep it short and sweet – Subject lines with just 3 – 4 words are shown to be much more successful over subject lines with two or three times as many words.  Shorter is better.
  9. Have fun with it – The people you are sending email to are humans and no more enjoy the typical corporate lingo or canned responses than you do.  Inject some fun or humor into your messages and if you can even personalize, even better, because people like to have fun and anything about them.

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