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8 Excellent Ways You Avoid Marketing Extinction

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8 Excellent Ways You Avoid Marketing Extinction

…And from becoming a dinosaur in 2016!

Don't be a marketing dinosaur - stay relevant!

Don’t become a marketing dinosaur – stay relevant and avoid extinction!

Every so often, we come across a really rare gem or golden nugget of sheer good stuff, that we just have to share with the world.  Well this isn’t one of those cases – this time it found us!  In fact, this was actually proposed to us by the awesome folks over at Ladders (a search tool for your next great job – check them out!) who have been following our blog posts.

We will spare you all of the many details as to who, what, where and why to cut right to the chase with what will be a masterful mini-series of articles based upon the infographic provided.  With that being said, we will take each segment and expand upon it here, to help you stay relevant in the coming year as well as certainly avoid ending up like our extinct friend, Earl Sinclair the dinosaur here on the right.

This article will start with the first of eight essential tips for marketers to break in and stay relevant this year – so let’s get started!

 Tip #1 – Great Marketers Will Double Their Salaries By 2020!

Global eCommerce sales are expected to grow by 25% year-over-year from 2015 to 2020 – eclipsing 3.5 trillion dollars!

Source: eMarketer

Avoid extinction - Tip 1

This is the first segment of marketing infographic – the full image will be available at the end of the series.

The current market for eCommerce is estimated to be about 1.67 trillion dollars or a little over 7% of all retail sales worldwide and that is expected to surpass 3.5 trillion dollars and represent about 12.5% of all sales by 2020!  Researchers state that much of this growth can be attributed to people in rural areas making purchases on mobile devices and it is expected to grow by 80 million more shoppers this year.

This unprecedented growth has never occurred in human history – are you truly prepared to stay relevant with this massive change?

TheLadders - Career Search Services

TheLadders – Career Search Services

Special thanks to Ladders for sharing their infographic and be sure to stop back for the next article in this series – 8 Excellent Ways You Avoid Marketing Extinction #2.

As always, please be sure to share this with your friends and feel free to comment below.

RVHWD Digital Marketing Services

RVHWD Digital Marketing Services

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