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WordPress 4.4

WordPress 4.4 Update

WordPress 4.4

WordPress 4.4 “Clifford” Update has been recently released!

Recently released, WordPress 4.4 comes with a host of new features, better security and a few bug fixes as well.  Nicknamed “Clifford” in honor of Jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown, is now available for download or update from your WordPress dashboard.  In addition to the release of the new theme “Twenty Sixteen” it also offers a more responsive and connected platform.

As with any update, WordPress 4.4 resolves a number of problems and adds new features.  For a complete list of all the bug fixes and new gizmos, be sure to check out the WordPress update website.  It is also where you can go to report any new bugs and also has a great deal of resources.  The community in particular makes it really easy to get help with any issues you may have.  Which is another reason why we love WordPress and recommend it to all of our customers.

So be sure to update your WordPress independent installations as soon as possible to this latest stable version.  But as always, make sure that you do a complete backup of your website and database before doing so.  There rarely is a problem, but if there ever is, you will be very glad that you made those back-ups first!

Luckily, our valued customers and friends do not need to worry about updates.  Well actually, luck has nothing to do with it, we make sure that if your install doesn’t automatically update to WordPress 4.4, we take care of it for you!  We also monitor our customer’s WordPress websites and publish basic health reports on an individual monthly basis.  Because we care.

Last but not least, if you would like to learn more about this WordPress update, check out the short video below.  Yeah, we’re cool like that.

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