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Web Redesign 101 Part 3

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Web Redesign 101 Part 3

designLet’s recap briefly, before moving on to the next several items to add to your website redesign checklist.  In the Web Redesign 101 article, measuring your metrics, setting your goals and making sure that you preserve what is already working for you was covered.

Taking that a step further, the Web Redesign 101 Part 2 article covered seeing how you measure up to the competition, keeping every page, post and piece of content focused like a laser on your USP and designing a website that appeals to your customers, not for you.

Good stuff, right?

Let’s add a few more useful tools to that checklist to make it a well-rounded website redesign planning checklist!



#7 – Creating link-juice

The single most essential aspect of having a website to conduct business, is getting traffic!  In other words, if you have little or no visitors to your website, you have no sales and therefore, you also have no business.  Getting found by your ideal customer is an absolute must, otherwise you simply have a potentially expensive hobby…

Here are some things to consider:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – This is all about creating link-love by the search engines.
  • Keyword Research – Each and every page of your website needs to have one or two good keywords associated with it
  • Redirects – Keep track of those 301 Redirects, make a spreadsheet to record them all and then make redirects to capture that traffic
  • On-site link-love – make sure that you are cross-linking pages of your own site to other pages with related content
  • Develop PAID traffic – paying for qualified traffic to your website means that you will always have potential buyers visiting your website

call-to-action#8 – Develop Calls-to-Action

What is it that you want visitors to do on your website?

If you are like most business owners, you want people to buy your products or services.  A call-to-action is simply a means of getting website visitors to do just that.  A call-to-action could be anything that prompts a site visitor to view another page or post on your website, to download a brochure or whitepaper, to contact you for more information or to make a purchase.  Consider just some of the tools for a website redesign to convert those tire-kickers from suspects to prospects:

  • Contact Us form
  • Free consultation/demonstration
  • Free trial period
  • Email/Newsletter subscriptions
  • Contests/promotions
  • Blog articles
  • Ebooks/Whitepapers

The main idea here is that while the coolest looking website on the planet may be desired, just remember that content has always been and will always be, king.  Your website needs to be informative and have plenty of calls-to-action to capture that website traffic, keep them on your website or viewing your name so that they become paying customers.  A website is not some electronic version of a printed brochure; it needs to be a living, breathing extension of your business that engages your website visitors that furthers your brand and turns them into customers.

content strategy#9 – Develop a strategy

Wait what?  We’re stilling planning a website redesign and now we have to plan something else?  Yes, that would be absolutely correct!

Remember back at the beginning of these articles something about a global brand name and world domination?  Well this is where that comes to fruition, but first you need to develop a plan or schedule for creating more and more content for your website.  In order to do that, you must develop a strategy or playbook of adding more and more content to your website, giving your visitors more and more reasons to keep coming back and maybe even buy from you.

There are a lot of different ways of doing just that, here are a few ideas:

  • Public Relations – include press releases, updates, awards and other newsworthy items
  • Start blogging – a fast, easy and convenient way of adding more content to your website
  • Ebooks/Whitepapers – chances are, you are an expert at something; develop an informational product around this and add it to your website
  • Newsletters – create newsletters for your customers and potential customers and add that to your website too.
  • Outsource – lack the time or motivation for creating content?  Problem solved.

The cold hard fact are in the numbers; websites with more content perform better than those that do not.  Taking that a step further, websites with blogs attract 55% more traffic than those websites that do not.  Better still, websites with blogs tend to generate 88% more leads than those websites that do not have a blog.

Need a blog for your website?  RVHWD can easily make that happen for you too; its easy to get started, just use the Contact form.

#10 – Would you like fries with that?

No, not a side of fries to go with your website.  What this means are the little extras that make a website much more engaging.  Things like social media buttons, links to social media pages related to your business, RSS feeds, landing pages, calls-to-action, a blog and analytics to name just a few.

Sure, just about every website out there has a home page, an about us page, product page and a contact us form.  But not every site out there has the more engaging stuff likes blogs, feeds, social media doo-dads, streaming media and so on.  These little extras take your site from being just good to being great or even freakin’ awesome.

In Conclusion

Any successful endeavor starts first with good planning.  Understanding what makes for ‘good’ website design or redesign is more important than having the latest and greatest flashy stuff on your site and part of that planning process is developing content over the long-term.  Too often business owners get caught up in the glitz and glamor aspect and pay no attention to the content.

You must also remember that a website is not a stand-alone or solo piece of marketing.  It must be fully integrated into your brand as well as with other websites, social media and search engines in order to function as a lead generating/sales device.  It is a living, breathing marketing entity that when it ceases to grow (i.e. adding more content), it also ceases to be alive with traffic and ultimately, paying customers.

Now that you have these Top 10 Website Redesign Checklist items, you will be better prepared for your website redesign project.  Or simply Contact RVHWD; it will be taken care of for you!

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