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Web Development – Out Of This World Entertainment

Out Of This World Entertainment

Out Of This World Entertainment – Custom WordPress development project

This was another custom web development project that started with a static HTML website that was not W3C compliant.  The original website was mostly HTML with some CSS and relied heavily upon tables and large images for formatting.  This project involved migrating the existing website to RVHWD web servers and then customizing a clean WordPress install to meet current standards for PHP, HTML/XHTML, CSS and so on as well as an aggressive localization of website content for on-page and off-page SEO.

It was quickly decided, that for the duration of the WordPress development project, the old website would remain active until final approval was given by the business owner.  That being the case, the old website and domain names were transferred to RVHWD and the initial installation of the new WordPress application was completed.

The Web Development Phase

Once the migration was completed and the initial installation of WordPress was set up, work began on developing a customer theme using the PHP templating system that was XHTML and CSS compliant according to W3c standards.  Once the design layout was completed, the next step was to make sure that all of the design elements worked properly as well as beginning the process of migrating content to the new website.  However this took a considerable amount of time to complete due to the amount of good content available on the old website.

As the process of content migration progressed, the client was advised to consider also using a more localized domain name that would be easy for the business’s clients to remember.  After some discussion and coaching, the main domain name was decided up and RVHWD took care of the registration and DNS settings for the new domain.  Even though only the basic work was completed, the new domain went live within 24 hours of registration, pointing to the new website.

Out Of This World Entertainment Logo

New company logo


As the content migration neared completion, the next step in the development project included working with a third party designer to create a new, clean logo and branding for the website and business.  Several similar versions were created until the final version was settled upon.  The new logo was added to the website with some very subtle special effects to make the logo truly stand out.

For all other printed materials, the effects were removed.

Adding Videos

During the initial consultation with the client, it was also recommended that there be video added to the new website as well.  It was emphasized that only one, possibly two videos to start would be good enough, but adding more later would help to drive an incredible amount of traffic to the website.  Taking that under advisement, the client quickly produced several videos that were added to the website.

Within just a few days time of adding the videos, the new website was already out-performing the previous version with an established domain name.  This incredible performance was further enhanced when it was decided to deactivate the old website and have all of the traffic from that domain redirected to the new website and corresponding content or pages.  The results were nothing short of amazing and the client was very pleased with the work that RVHWD had done.

Odds & Ends

As the project was completed along with all of the rebranding efforts in conjunction with the final deactivation of the old website, RVHWD provided several hours of coaching to the client.  This was so that the client understood the power and ease with which content could be added to the new website with no need for expensive web development software or even any knowledge of coding.

Other related tasks included a new business card design, a new business letterhead and adding the new logo to existing promotional materials.

RVHWD WordPress Services - Click here to get started!

RVHWD WordPress Services – Click here to get started!

  • Web Hosting: RVHWD Advanced Package
  • Cost of Project: $1,800
  • WordPress
  • Custom WordPress Theme
  • Social Media, SEO, Videos, Testimonials, Contact Form
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