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Web Development – DJ Dano Atlanta

DJ Dano Atlanta

WordPress with customized theme.

This was a custom web development project to migrate a static HTML website, that was not W3C compliant, to a fully-compliant WordPress website with a customized theme using PHP, MySQL, XHTML/HTML5 and CSS.  Since the company is also located in the Atlanta, Georgia area, localization was incorporated into the overall on-page search engine optimization strategy, during the migration of content from the old website.  The project would also include a complete rebranding of the entire business, starting with the new website.

However, due to time constraints and other special considerations, the owner wanted to accomplish the website migration in stages, while keeping the old website live during the development process.  The first step in that process would be moving the original website from another web hosting server to RVHWD’s web hosting server without an interruption of service.


The original website

The Web Development Stage

The initial work of migrating the website to RVHWD’s web server was accomplished in short order and a clean install of WordPress was made to a new web directory.  Once the install was completed and the basic settings were finalized, the project was placed on hold until the owner had an opportunity to narrow down some of the options wanted in a new web design.

For instance, it was mentioned that several of RVHWD’s projects were appealing.  Those projects included Remarkable Weddings, Extraordinary Weddings and several others that were recently completed.  Once the client narrowed the choices down to just one example that most closely matched their vision, development of the WordPress theme was initiated.  This was also accomplished fairly quickly as it was based on an existing theme that just needed to be modified to suit the client’s needs.

Once this was completed and the other setup steps were completed, the client was very satisfied with the initial project and decided to go live with it.  The old website was deactivated and all current links and pages were redirected to the new website, maintaining the already acquired search engine placement for the old website.

DJ Dano Atlanta Logo

New custom company logo

Further Web Development & Re-Branding

After the initial design and development work was completed and the new website went live, the focus was shifted towards a complete re-branding of the business including all promotional materials starting with the business cards.  Several graphic design concepts were considered, but the client settled on a simplified design that was later modified slightly for the website logo and so on.  Once this was completed, some time later the focus was shifted back to further development of the website.

With the web development renewed, many more features were added to the website including and integrated contact form, social media sharing, anti-spam features and integrated analytics tools.  Along with these features, more content was created for the site including several videos, custom-designed graphics as well as some fine-tuning of the WordPress platform and theme functions.

Updates & Tweaks

In all, each subsequent addition helped to drive even more web traffic to the new website, generating more leads and increasing sales.  The client has been satisfied with each new addition so that each time there is more work to do, RVHWD is there to provide support and results.  These small projects have included setting up corporate email accounts, domain name registration and administration, web hosting support and one-on-one coaching for the client and employees for the management of their WordPress website.

With the help of RVHWD’s coaching and Video Tutorials, many of the common tasks of website administration have been moved in-house with the client, saving them time and money!

RVHWD WordPress Services - Click here to get started!

RVHWD WordPress Services – Click here to get started!

  • Web Hosting: RVHWD Advanced Package
  • Cost of Project: $1,800
  • WordPress
  • Customized WordPress Theme
  • Social Media, SEO, Testimonials, Contact Form
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