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Web Design FAQs

questionQ. How much does it cost to get a web site?
A. It varies from one project to the next and depends on several factors including how simple or complex the site is, if any special features are included, etc.  For a custom estimate on your web development project, please use the Contact form with your request.

Q. How long does it take to get my site?
A. The length of time to develop a web site also depends on many factors, most web development projects are completed with approximately 30 – 40 hours of work.  However, this may be spread out over several days or even weeks depending on how quickly clients respond to changes and communications.

Q. Will my new site need to be optimized for the search engines?
A. No, all new web design/web development projects include search engine optimization in their field of products or services offered as well as geographic location if it applies to a service radius that you may have or the countries in which you conduct business.

Q. Will I be able to accept credit cards and other forms of payments with my site?
A. If you are having an e-commerce web site developed for you and you do not already have a merchant account or an alternative method of accepting payment or you simply need a means of adding a cart and accepting payments, RVHWD will help you find a good solution that is right for you and your business.

Q. Can you do a site in ________ (insert design language here)?
A. Most of RVHWD’s projects are done in either HTML/XHTML/HTML5 or make heavy use of it because it is still the best language for getting the search engines to properly index a web site.  Projects may also use DHTML, PHP, SQL, Flash, JScripts, Cascading Style Sheets, Server Side Includes, etc. to make your web site more dynamic and interactive which will help to keep your customers coming back for more.  Many web sites are also developed using a Content Management System (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, ZenCart, phpBB and many more!

Q. Do you do redesigns, site modifications or customizations?
A. Whether it is just some tweaks to the coding to get your pages to load faster to a complete overhaul of your web site, no job is too big or too small. Often RVHWD is asked to take an existing site with dynamic content and simply give it a new look, for example modifying a BBS to match a client’s site and so on.  i.e. Branding

Q. Why don’t you advertise your services?
A. Most of RVHWD’s work (99%) comes from direct referrals or from traffic on sites that RVHWD has created, there really is no need to do any additional advertising as the work speaks for itself.  We enjoy building lasting relationships with our clients as much as we love building web sites for them!

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