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Update Project – A Taste of the World

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Update Project – A Taste of the World

A Taste of the World

A Taste of the World – Website Update Project

Digging through the archives, we found this update project from 2009 for a client based out of Buffalo, NY.  The original website was created by another web design company not affiliated with RVHWD.

The updates were rather simple and consisted of changing some images and updating text on a number of pages to reflect the latest information.  It was recommended to the client that the design would get considerably better search engine ranking as well as performing much better with some additional design and development work.  However, the client wanted to keep things simple and inexpensive, so services were provided to accomplish just that.

Images were updated within an hour of receiving the files and the changes to the text were also completed in quick fashion.  The client was surprised by the fast turnaround on his requests and quite appreciative.

From initial contact to completion, the entire update project took less than three hours to accomplish!  The project included some HTML coding as well as editing of images to optimize them for the web.

For your next design project or even if you just need some updates, Contact RVHWD today!

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