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Top 4 Email Marketing Secrets

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Top 4 Email Marketing Secrets

Your email marketing strategy needs to be part of a larger, more holistic approach to reaching a wider audience.

The Top 4 Email Marketing Secrets

The Top 4 Email Marketing Secrets

Email marketing is one of the most powerful and under-utilized tools you have at your disposal!

But companies that use email marketing, often list it as one of the most successful marketing channels they have.  In other words, to this day, the size of your email distribution list is an accurate indicator of your reach and your thought leadership within your industry.

In the following article, some of the biggest (and best kept) secrets of email marketing will be revealed to you.  But the biggest thing to keep in mind is keeping your eye on the big picture.  Email marketing is just one piece of the great big marketing pie.

 Now to pull back the veil of secrecy for the first time!

The Top 4 Email Marketing Secrets

  1. Email being opened on a mobile device increased by 34% from April 2011 through September 2011, as compared to the previous six month period (September 2010 through April 2011).  This trend continues to increase each year as more and more consumers are using mobile devices, even while they are in brick and mortar stores as well as holiday shopping online.
  2. Mobile email usage is at its lowest on Mondays.  Desktop email usage is at its lowest on Sundays.  Webmail usage is at its lowest on Wednesdays.
  3. The keywords ‘Finance’ and ‘Shopping’ have above average webmail views when compared to other industries.  Finance has a view rate of 49% and Shopping has a view rate of 48%.
  4. Social media is the leading industry in mobile email views (no surprises there) with 27%, publishing at 26% and entertainment at 27%.

Keep in mind, your email marketing campaigns need to be part of a larger, all-inclusive approach to reaching, educating and selling to your contacts.  Your email marketing needs to be complimented by by other efforts such as search engine optimization, content creation, social media and so forth.

The challenge is to integrate data from email marketing with other data systems.  Another hurdle is improving deliver-ability in addition to growing and retaining subscribers.  Of course you also want to achieve a measurable return on your investment while using your email campaigns to optimize your funnel of leads.

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