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Top 3 Reasons For Business Blogging

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Top 3 Reasons For Business Blogging

Business Blogging

Consumers are turning to blogs more and more to get information and it influences their buying!

If you have read any of RVHWD’s Business Blogging 101 series of twenty articles, you likely already have more than three reasons that you should have a blog for your business.  But if you haven’t read those articles or you are still undecided, here is a summarized article of the top three reasons that you will want or better still, should have a business blog!

As a preface though, there are some amazing statistics that you should be familiar with in regards to business blogging.  Those incredible findings from several recent industry surveys were discussed in detail within the article titled, 5 Interesting Facts For Business Blogs.  But the problem is that the impact of business blogging, which extends to several major marketing benefits is far too often overlooked, underestimated or simply ignored.

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A business blog also helps with your Search Engine Marketing & Optimization efforts!

The Big Picture

The numbers and the facts that were shared with you in those articles are powerfully in favor of businesses that blog.  It is clearly a marketing tool that is strongly related to attracting high-quality traffic to your website and producing highly-qualified new leads.  The benefits of which are unmistakably undeniable to your business!

Business blogging will help you grow your business in many different ways.  It helps with your marketing efforts, it expands your audience, it increases your visibility on the web and it establishes you as an industry thought leader as well as building trust and authority.  It also helps tremendously with your public relations and influencing public image.

The Top 3 Reasons You Should Be Blogging

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – Business blogging helps with SEO.  The more posts you publish, the more indexed pages you will have and you will show up more often in search engine results for the various topics that you blog about.  In other words, it helps you get found more often and by more people; that equates to more traffic to your website while familiarizing them with your business.
  2. Thought Leadership – Blogging about your expertise establishes you as an industry expert.  It positions you in a spot that you gain trust as well as being recognized as an authority that people turn to for answers to their challenges.  It also helps you to remain top-of-mind when it comes time to make a purchase.
  3. Quality Lead Generation – A business blog is a powerful marketing tool that can create a lot of new leads.  Once you get a reader to your blog, you begin the process of qualifying that person as a lead with calls-to-action.  You have already engaged them with creating compelling content, the next step is to qualify them by offering a free guide to download or a podcast or even a webinar.  Your blog introduces them to the buying process.

There are certainly more reasons that you should have a business blog; to learn more about them, RVHWD invites you to read the Business Blogging 101 series of articles for a lot more ways that a blog will benefit your business.  Be sure to share your thoughts below as well as share this article with a friend from the social media buttons below.

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