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The new RVHWD website is HOT!

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The new RVHWD website is HOT!

blue_fire-wallpaper-1600x900RVHWD’s new web site design is on fire!  Its hot!

No, not literally in the sense that you may want to put away the fire hose, stow the fire extinguisher and hang up the phone call for 911.  Nothing is actually on fire, seriously; it is just a figure of speech to say that RVHWD’s new web site is popular, that it is working better than intended and succeeding beyond all expectations.

What is all the commotion about then?

Well to put it simply, RVHWD has already reached one of its important milestones or goals since the redesigned site went live slightly early than planned on Friday, July 3, 2015.  After more than six months of design work in between several pressing commitments, the fresh new look for the site went live in the early evening last week and the feedback so far has been nothing short of wonderful.  In fact one of the first milestones planned was reaching 500 site visitors in the month of July.  Well the fact is that milestone was just reached this evening, only one week after it went live.

flag-fireworksThat’s so freakin’ awesome!!!  That’s almost as awesome as fireworks superimposed on the flag of the Unites States of America or if we found out that Batman and Darth Vader were really one and the same ‘Dark Knight!’

Seriously though, here is the real meat and potatoes; already we have reached our first goal of 500 visitors in a month, but we also blew another goal out of the water too.  Our other goal for July was to have at least 1,000 page views and as of this evening it is well over 1,500!  In addition, there has also been in excess of 800 search engine spider visits, over and above the site visitor count.  And the icing on the cake is already having more than 100 RSS feeds, just in seven days time!

Only just getting started!

That is correct, you read that right; RVHWD is only just getting started!  In the coming weeks and months, once we have all of the tweaking and fine-tuning accomplished to the new website, even more content will be added, more services, etc.  The boss has been slaving away at the computer too, developing even more goodies in the form of value-added content that will help you achieve better business and sales results as well as informational products for sale as well as totally free for download.

Yes, you read that correctly too, as in free-beer kind of free!

Stay tuned as more things develop; this summer is only going to get hotter as RVHWD turns up the heat!

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  2. […] doubled that number shattering another record!  It was announced in the article titled ‘The new RVHWD website is HOT!‘ on July 10, […]

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