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SSL Certificate FAQs

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SSL Certificate FAQs

questionQ. What is a SSL Certificate?
A. SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer and it is a certificate that resides on your web hosting account.  It is used to create or provide a secure connection between a site visitor’s web browser and the web page(s) on your web hosting account.  It is used to transmit private information online, safely and securely such as in an online purchase transaction through a web store.  Whenever someone visits a page with a SSL Certificate, a padlock will be displayed in the web browser, may change the color of the link in the URL address bar and typically begins with https://

Q. What is a SSL Certificate used for?
A. Quite simply, SSL is used by millions of eBusiness or eCommerce web sites all over the world!  It is used to protect customers private and/or financial information during an online transaction, keeping their information confidential.  All web browsers are capable of handling SSL Certificates as long as the certificate is current and from a recognized provider or Certificate Authority (CA).

Q. Do I need a SSL Certificate for my site?
A. The world wide web has created an abundance of opportunities for new or existing businesses to create sales online.  With this incredible opportunity has come a virtual tidal-wave of fraudulent cyber crooks looking to steal credit card and bank account information.  Unless the connection is secure between the user’s web browser and the web page, most any hacker with moderate skills can intercept and view this information.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are looking for web hosting for an existing eCommerce web site or looking to start one, obtaining and maintaining a SSL Certificate for your site is critically important.

Q. How do I get a SSL Certificate for my web site?
A. You may obtain one on your own or RVHWD can take care of this for you for a nominal fee.  In either case, your name, your business name and address as well as some additional information will be required and installed to your web hosting account properly in order for it to work.  Improperly installed or expired SSL Certificates will cause site visitor browsers to display a warning message and will decrease your ranking on some search engines such as Google.

Q. How much does a SSL Certificate cost?
A. It varies from one Certificate Authority to the next and can range greatly in price from about $60 to more than $300 per year.  If you want RVHWD to take care of all the details, use the Contact form to get more details and a custom price quote.

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