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Social Media: What, When & Where

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Social Media: What, When & Where

Social Media

Social Media: How to Crush Your Competition in 30 Days!

The last article in this series titled Social Media: Creating Killer Content, emphasized one of the most important aspects of social media marketing.  As the title implies, it is all about creating content that people want to read, view or better still talk about!  But knowing that you need to create good stuff that people will want to see is only part of the battle.

For example, just like hand tools are created for a specific job, so too does your social media content need to be tailored to the social media platform and the audience.  In other words, while a hammer may be able to drive a screw into wood, the results are less than desirable.  Likewise, the same casual content that you create for Facebook will not have the same results when used on a professional website such as LinkedIn.

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What to Post, When to Post & Where to Post

Stomping your competition in social media takes a bit of knowledge to accomplish; here is what works best and where.

Facebook – For this social media platform, content should lean heavily towards the visual, but should also be accompanied by explanatory text for context purposes.  Visual content has more engagement here and the more engagement your content has, the more favorably Facebook’s ranking will favor your posts and thus expanding your reach.  You can also be more casual here as people use this platform to socialize with friends and family, not coworkers.

LinkedIn – Users on LinkedIn tend to have much longer attention spans than compared to most other social media websites.  They are there to do something to impact their businesses and careers in a positive fashion.  For this, you can feel comfortable using a more text-heavy content creation format and using a more promotional flavor about your products and/or services and your brand.

Pinterest – Pinning photos of stuff on an Internet cork-board – here comes the surprise of the century – you will want to post images on this social media website too.  Users on this website value quality images, so everything you post should be spit-n-shined to get the most repins and followers.  Of course you will also include a link back to your website in the image description to help drive traffic to you.

Twitter – The best content to publish here is short, simple messages.  The object here is to find the most compelling piece of information in your blog post or web page and post it with a link back to your website.  The reason being is that using something that will capture the attention of people will drive more traffic than simply using the title of your post or page.  This will entice readers to click-through to your website just as much as it will get them retweeting your content to others.

YouTube – This website is all about videos, so you will need to make some if you do not have any to begin with.  Ideally, you will want to create a channel that is related to your business with links back to your website and then begin posting a variety of the funny or the informative with your branding and website address.  Creating unique content here will help to create followers that will repost your videos and help to drive more traffic to your website.

Still having some trouble envisioning what to do?  Since pictures are worth a thousand words, try this infographic:

Social Media All Fired Up!

Social Media: All Fired Up!

Be sure to come back for the next article, Social Media: Easy Wins! and please be sure to share with a friend or comment below!

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