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Social Media: Measuring The Competition

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Social Media: Measuring The Competition

Social Media

Social Media: How To Crush Your Competition In 30 Days!

In the first installment of this series of articles, Social Media: Crush the Competition in 30 Days, we gave you an introduction as to what this series will be all about as well as dispelling some misconceptions about marketing with social media.  You do not have to have been one of the early adopters of social media to compete.  You also do not have to have a lot of specialized knowledge or even spend a lot of time on it once you have everything in place.

The good news is, even if you have never used social media before for marketing, in about 30 days you will be a force to be reckoned with.  All you have to do is follow these easy steps that are spelled out for you in this series of articles!  Now lets get started!

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SEO Services – Click here to get started!

Measuring Your Competitor’s Social Media Presence

In order to know how much time and effort you will need to place on your social media marketing, you need to know how well (or not so good) your competition is doing.  You need this information in order to compare how well they are doing versus how well you are doing.  Seeing how well you stack up can be a real eye-opener.  It may or may not be depressing, but it will let you know where you stand.

The first step is to create a list of your competitors.  Chances are that you do not even need to write them down, but it is a good idea to do so; that way you can also keep notes.  Once you do this, then you need to visit the following social media websites to see if they even have a presence:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

As you create or even revisit these steps, adding more social media websites will be of interest to you.  Compare their presence on Google+, Networked Blogs, Quora and many more.  For example, RVHWD has a presence on almost all of the above listed as well as on several more not even mentioned.  But for the sake of simplicity, this series of articles will focus mainly around those social media website that marketers use the most and have questions about.

In any case, here is a list of things you are looking for when information-gathering on your competitors:

  • Number of fans or followers
  • Frequency of posting
  • What kinds of content are posted (i.e. blog posts, images, videos, polls, jokes, etc.)
  • How much content is theirs versus how much is out-sourced
  • Fan/follower engagement

Coincidentally, you should also visit their website home page and other top pages as well as any blogs to see how they use any social sharing tools and just how seriously they actually take social media marketing.  You will want to revisit these metrics on a monthly basis to see if they are making any progress or simply stagnating or even falling behind.  Just remember, not every marketer is cut out for social media marketing and is able to stay in it for the long-haul.

Of course, now that you know where you stand and revisit these metrics every month, you will also get a great feeling knowing that your numbers are creeping up on the competition faster and faster. Then one day, you will pass them all and start crushing them in marketing efforts and returns!

Be sure to check back for the next installment titled Social Media: Creating Killer Content!  Please be sure to share these articles with your friends and we welcome your comments below.

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  3. […] next article in this series is titled, Social Media: Measuring the Competition.  Please feel free to share these articles or even comment […]

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