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Social Media: Easy Wins!

Social Media

Social Media: How to CRUSH Your Competition in 30 Days!

The last time around in Social Media: What, When & Where, you learned about some of the major social media platforms and what kind of content to be creating and sharing on each.  Just as it is not enough to simply have a website any more, so to is it not enough to simply have a social media page; you need to do something with it.  And you learned a little bit about what to post and where to post it, all you need to do is start using that knowledge.

But, there is no need to sweat over the details.  The objective here is to get your toes wet to start, dabble a little bit and have fun with it as you build your social media marketing muscles.  Think along the lines of baby-steps; learn how to crawl before you start walking or trying out running.  Once you test the waters and get a feel for it, then you can set out to run circles around your competition.  Here’s how…

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Quick & Easy Social Media Wins!

To pimp-slap your competition on social media, you will need some master-level Kung-Fu to put the super squeeze on them and get the most for your time, money and effort.  To do that, you also need to approach social media marketing with some cold, hard facts based on a few years worth of social stalking.  Here are some real down and dirty ways, that most people don’t know about, to get started crushing your competition on a few of the social media platforms mentioned in the previous article.  And the best part is, it doesn’t require any extra effort!

Easy Wins on Facebook:

  • Post Pictures – A lot of them!  They get the most likes and shares.
  • Text Updates – Get slightly more comments than photos.
  • Posts – Short or very long posts have a higher percentage of likes; mix it up a bit.
  • Long Posts – Tend to have more shares – the sweet spot seems to be around 400 – 500 characters.
  • Personality – Posts with words like “I” and “Me” tend to get more likes.

Easy Wins on Pinterest:

  • Short-n-Sweet – Descriptions of about 200 characters in length get the most repins.
  • Spin – Find ways to describe your content in the context of quotes, products, do-it-yourself (DIY), books, ideas or inspiration.
  • Tall Images – Tall images get more repins than wide or square images.
  • Recycle – Content that is liked gets repinned more often than content with lots of comments.
  • How-To – DIY content tends to generate a lot more repins than any other content.

Easy Wins on Twitter:

  • Short-n-Sweet – Tweets between 120 – 130 characters long get the most CTR.
  • Link Placement – Links placed 25% of the way through your tweet get the best CTR.
  • Triggers – Tweets with words like “via,” “@,” “RT,” “check” and “please” have higher CTR than tweets that don’t.
  • Action – Tweets with more action verbs than nouns get more clicks.
  • When – Tweets on Friday, Saturday and Sunday later in the day get better CTR than any other days or in the mornings.

Be sure to come back for the next article, Social Media: Easy Upkeep! and please be sure to share with a friend or comment below!

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