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Social Media: Easy Upkeep!

Social Media

Social Media: How to CRUSH Your Competition in 30 Days!

The last time around in the article titled, Social Media: Easy Wins!, we covered really simply (and easy) ways to win big on the various social media platforms.  It is as simple as knowing what to post and where to post it in order to get the most “likes,” as well as more fans or followers.  And putting that into practice will take you a long way towards pimp-slapping the snot out of your competition on the social media websites.

But coordinating all of that content on different social media websites can get rather complex and time-consuming.  You need a system for command and control while you are waging web warfare on your competitors.  You will need the tools to make managing all of it a heck of a lot easier!

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SEO Services – Click here to get started!

Efficient Social Media Upkeep

 Keeping track of multiple social media accounts takes organization and coordination.  It also takes time and effort; the more you are active on social media, the more you will need to be able to execute those functions as quickly as possible.  However, leveraging the power of technology can take a lot of the hurt out of being ultra-efficient.

Here are three tools to make your social media marketing just a tiny chore out of your busy schedule:

  • Social Media Calendar
  • Social Media Scheduling
  • Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Calendar – The first step is to set aside some time to create all of your social media content for the following week.  Then you need to take that content and develop a mix of posts, lead generation offers and visual content that you want to post to each social media network.  You also want to develop tweets or updates to go along with each piece and pick when (day and time) that each will be posted.

Social Media Scheduling – Once you have all that done, then you will need to use a third-party to automate the process as much as possible for you.  This will allow you to pick precise times and dates as well as social media networks that your content will be published to.

Social Media Monitoring – The final step is to set up a system for monitoring social media without it being a disruption to your daily routine.  Set up alerts for certain keywords so that you know when someone mentions your products or services, company brand, etc. – so that you can jump on the opportunities to make a sale or address a problem that a customer may have.

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