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Social Media: Crush the Competition in 30 Days

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Social Media: Crush the Competition in 30 Days

Social Media Marketing

Social Media: It’s not just for cute cats anymore!

Have you ever wondered or asked yourself if Facebook really works?  How much time should you be spending on Twitter?  Is Google+ really something you need to consider?  What the hell is Social Search?

These questions and many more like it have been occupying the minds of marketers more and more in recent years.  Historically, measuring the impact of social media has been notoriously hard to track and some marketers simply do not want the headaches.  But as you probably already know, social media is an important part of in-bound marketing!

This is the first in a series of articles that will focus on getting your social media muscles into shape quickly and crushing your competition in 30-days.

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SEO Services – Click here to get started!

An introduction to social media marketing

Social media is your platform for gathering together legions of fanatical fans and admiring followers.  It helps to drive traffic to your website, it generates leads and ultimately creates sales.  That’s correct; social media is a marketer’s paradise for generating leads and sales!

The problem is that many marketers (maybe even you) do not know exactly how to use social media to do this.  Perhaps if they do have an idea, they feel like they have gotten to the game far too late to play.  Or maybe they even feel that they could never possibly catch up to their competitors who have already enlisted into the social media revolution.

However, nothing could be further from the truth!  The good news about social media marketing is that once you have gotten your feet wet and done your homework, it’s really not that hard to maintain and grow your social media presence.  All you need is a plan…

This series of articles is going to give you that and much more!  After you read this series, you will have a social media marketing program that virtually makes your competition break out into a cold sweat.  Honestly, they won’t have a clue what hit them.  So catch them by surprise or give them a warning shot, the choice is yours… it’s time to start your 30-day training program for social media marketing domination!

A word about this series of articles

Future installments of related articles will all have the “Social Media: XXXX” part to the heading and will be cross-linked from each progressive article.  Like steps on a ladder or even chapters in a book, each successive article will build upon the previous one as they are published.  Future installments will be published approximately every three days except on weekends.

The next article in this series is titled, Social Media: Measuring the Competition.  Please feel free to share these articles or even comment below.

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