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SEO Myths: #1 Google Submission

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SEO Myths: #1 Google Submission

Hot to be a SEO Myth Buster

How to be a SEO Myth Buster

As was mentioned in the article titled, SEO Myths: An Introduction, this series of articles will take a look at the long list of SEO myths and misconceptions and sprinkle some facts on them.  We are going to peel back the layers upon layers of assumptions, speculations and outright fertilizer to shine the light of truth on them, so that you are not wasting any more of your time, effort or money in 2016!

Sounds good, right?  Well then, let’s get started!

SEO Myth #1 – You Have to Submit Your Website to Google

C’mon, you know you have heard this one before.  It typically sounds something like – “In order to get your website to appear in search results, you HAVE to submit your website to Google.”  Or maybe something like, “To get better search engine ranking, you HAVE to submit your website to Google.”

[Annoying buzzer sound] Wrong!

SEO Myth-Busting #1

The idea or concept that you have to submit your website to Google is absurd at best or possibly even complete nonsense.  Usually this sort of “advice” is also offered with some vague promise or threat that it is necessary in order for your website to get indexed and to show up in search results or to get better search engine ranking.  You DO want your website to get the best page rank, DON’T you?

seo myth busted

Google Myth: BUSTED!

The fact of the matter is that Google will find and index your website, whether you submit it or not.  They are, after all, in the business of finding and cataloging stuff on the Internet and that includes your website.  So even for a brand-spanking-new website, while you can submit it, the Google Spiders are quite capable (and rather diligent) at finding you without submission.

Likewise, submission does not guarantee anything.  Crawlers or spiders will find your website in the fullness of time and index the content.  And as long as your website includes good content, it will be displayed in search engine results pages and ranked based on a number of factors.  But if you break the rules, your website will be banned as it is described in SEO Bootcamp #13.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next article, SEO Myths: #2 SEO Ranking and please be sure to share these articles with a friend or comment below.

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