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SEO Myths: #4 SEO is for Nerds

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SEO Myths: #4 SEO is for Nerds

How to be a SEO Myth Buster

How to be a SEO Myth Buster

In the previous article, SEO Myths: #3 Ranking Number 1, we again covered that ranking is not important by itself and should not be thought of as such.  However, click-through rate or CTR has become more important than ranking as this affects the quality of the traffic visiting your website from search engine results pages or SERP.  And by quality it is meant that the traffic is from people that are looking for your products or services or at least more information.

But now that we have that out of the way, you may be thinking about who should be taking care of SEO within your organization or business.  More often than not, this is handed off to others based on some shady advice and may sound something like this…

#4 – SEO is for Nerds

SEO is something that can/should be handed off to that group of people that work in the basement.  You know, the computer geeks and nerds.  Erm, I mean the IT Department.  Yeah, those guys!

RVHWD's SEO & SEM Services

RVHWD’s SEO & SEM Services

SEO Myth-Busting #4

Now aside from the fact that many “IT Geeks” would love to slap someone like that silly, one must keep things in perspective.  For example, most people without any SEO knowledge have at least the notion that SEO requires a certain level of technical expertise, which it does.  And since those people that rarely come out of the basement that regularly conduct computer voodoo are pretty technical, you can just pawn SEO off on them.

seo myth busted


Wrong!  SEO requires way more than ninja-like technical skills, so think long and hard about simply handing it all over to the folks that sport those spiffy monitor-tans all year long.  The same holds true for web designers that may be working for your company or contracted with your company through an outside agency.  While you may need their assistance during the course of optimization, you don’t want to hand the entire project off to someone else and expect that best practices will be strictly adhered to.

Besides, IT may cover a broad range of computer-related disciplines and technical expertise.  It may also include people who can be a valuable resource in assisting you with SEO.  But for the most part, IT has people that install printers and whisper to computer networks, which is a different flavor of computer-ninja-geek skills.

Be sure to keep an eye out for the next article, SEO Myths: #5 Links Are Better Than Content and please be sure to share these articles with a friend or comment below.

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