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SEO Myths: #2 SEO Ranking

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SEO Myths: #2 SEO Ranking

Hot to be a SEO Myth Buster

How to be a SEO Myth Buster

That was fun; busting the first SEO Myth: #1 Google Submission!  At the beginning of a new website launch especially, why waste time submitting your website to Google or any of the other major search engines when they have tireless bots scouring the Internet for new content and websites all the time?  And what can be more entertaining than saving time, effort and *GASP* maybe even money?!

The answer is finding yet another way to save you time, effort and you guessed it *GASP* even more money!

SEO Myth #2 – SEO is all about Ranking

This myth usually goes something like the following: Search Engine Optimization is all about getting the best possible search engine ranking for terms which will drive a tremendous amount of traffic to your website.  Now give me boat-loads of money and we will guarantee you the top position on Google!

Wrong again bucko!  Cue that annoying wrong-answer buzzer.

SEO Myth-Busting #2

While there is a strong relationship between SEO and search engine results placement and click-through rates, ranking alone is not the end-all to beat all.  Well to be honest, it used to be years ago, but it is no longer that high and mighty end goal that it used to be.  But in recent years, especially with the advent of Social Search, that line of thinking has gone the way of the dinosaur and the floppy drive.

seo myth busted


Now, search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo! display results with additional data such as rich text, snippets, author tags and dates of publication.  With that additional information, search results below the top three results are getting a considerably higher click-through rates.  And as social media results become much more integrated, these results will be skewed even further based upon each individual’s social network!

But that’s not even mentioning the fact that before these changes began arriving, top ranking in the search engine results was no guarantee for success.  Time and again, customers have come to RVHWD after using these “guaranteed” placement services complaining that while they were ranking higher and were getting tons of website traffic, the problem was that they didn’t make a single penny!

Not exactly the best ROI that you were hoping for, is it?

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