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SEO Bootcamp Part 24

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SEO Bootcamp Part 24

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You had better get your [SEO] wired tight numb-nuts!
(R. Lee Ermey – Full Metal Jacket)

That’s right people, today is the last day of your SEO Basic Training as I mentioned in SEO Bootcamp Part 23.  Today you graduate my rigorous learning program and join the ranks of born-again hard marketers with the tools that you will need to succeed in getting your website found and getting it indexed by search engines in a meaningful way that will drive traffic to you!

But its not all just about driving traffic to your website.  You need to do something with those visitors once they get there or at least keep them on your website longer than it takes to simply glance at your home page and then wander off to some other website.  And as I have stated several times now, focus on creating content that your potential customers want and the rest will take care of itself.

RVHWD's SEO & SEM Services - Click here to get started!

RVHWD’s SEO & SEM Services – Click here to get started!

SEO Bootcamp Conclusion

A long time ago in a phone book far, far away… search started by running your fingers through the Yellow Pages.  For those of you old enough, you know what I am talking about, but for you younger nit-wits that grew up with your mama’s hooter in one hand and a smart phone in the other, it was a physical book that was about as thick as baby and probably weighed about as much depending on the area it covered.  But for all of us in the business of promoting business, things have transitioned to search engines.

After reading this entire series of articles, you should now have a complete understanding of every aspect of search engine optimization.  But the biggest thing you need to keep in mind here is that none of this will happen over night.  SEO takes time and it is a never-ending process of reviewing and tweaking once you get things started.

It is a step-by-step process.  Go back and start with the first article in this series to make sure that you understand it as each successive article builds on the previous one.  This builds your understanding of what SEO involves.  Then move on to working on your On-Page SEO until you have that fully integrated into your website and content creation efforts.  Finally, you may then expand your SEO efforts to include your Off-Page SEO strategies.

And then, you will truly start to see the big-picture come together in smashing success as you gleefully stomp the guts out of your competition!  Ooo-rah, Marketing Marine!  Dismissed!

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