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SEO Bootcamp Part 14

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You had better get your [SEO] wired tight numb-nuts!
(R. Lee Ermey – Full Metal Jacket)

In SEO Bootcamp Part 13, you got learned about how the scumbag spammers are getting shut down by the likes of the major search engines.  Google especially is leading this head-on frontal assault with the addition of Panda and then came Penguin.  These two updates are like the dynamic duo of dirt-bag defense, stomping the guts out of spammers everywhere by removing their equally worthless websites from search engine results!

But getting edumicated about how to build links the right way is just as important as knowing what not to do, maggot!  In other words Private Pyle, now that you know what NOT to do, its time to get on my good side for once and learn how to build links the right way.  So wipe that stupid grin off of your face already sweetheart and listen to what I am about to tell you.

You DO want to get on my good side, DON’T you Private Pyle!

RVHWD's SEO & SEM Services - Click here to get started!

RVHWD’s SEO & SEM Services – Click here to get started!

Building Links The Right Way

Current link-building focuses on creating high-quality, original content that provides a benefit or value to your audience.  It engages website visitors to become an involved audience.

This kind of link building isn’t easy to do and it ain’t quick either numb-nuts!  But, it is the best defense against future updates to Panda and Penguin or even new search engine algorithms.  It is also what the search engines want to see; authoritative, well-managed websites that offer useful content that people want to read and link to.

Here are four ways to generate high-quality, unique content on a website that builds links:

  1. Business Blog – Write compelling content that people WANT to share and link to.
  2. Visual Content – Powerful, creative or even comical images or videos lead people to like and link to your website.
  3. New Products/Services – Building anticipation around the launch of a new product or service creates buzz.
  4. Guest Blogging – Creating valuable content for other blogs is an easy way to build links back to your blog.

Another great way to build links is to create a targeted and involved community.  It’s as simple as this Private Pyle, the more regular visitors that your website has, the more likely that at least some of them will become passionate fans.  The more passionate fans that you have, the more likely that every web page and post will be read, liked, shared and linked to.


Build a community of fans and give them a means by which to become disciples, spreading the word about (and creating links to) your website!

A perfect example of this would be the yuppy mocha-chugging pansies that drool over My Starbucks Idea.  These pansies… er, I mean users can pitch ideas about the next big thing that Starbucks offers.  And just a quick visit there will show you how many people are sappy for Starbucks!

Now think about that while for a while as I go get me a cup of mocha-choka-bull-[expletive deleted]!

Be back here next time for SEO Bootcamp Part 15, to learn more about how social media influences your search engine optimization, off-page SEO and link-building.

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