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SEO Bootcamp Part 13

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SEO Bootcamp Part 13

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You had better get your [SEO] wired tight numb-nuts!
(R. Lee Ermey – Full Metal Jacket)

Glad you could finally join us after the holiday weekend maggot, because I ain’t done teaching you how not to be a scumbag!

In SEO Bootcamp Part 12, I learned you about what not to do when building links to your website.  That’s right Belt-Buckle Bob, there are scumbags out there spamming the internet, social media and their websites to build links in stead of building good content.  It’s the cheap way out and the search engines are aware of it and now they are doing something about it!

Those kind of tactics are cheaper than a pair of homemade Ho Chi Minh slippers and now that the search engines are squashing it, you had better learn what else you shouldn’t be doing Private Pyle!

RVHWD's SEO & SEM Services - Click here to get started!

RVHWD’s SEO & SEM Services – Click here to get started!

Taking Out The Trash

Google has been leading the way with taking out the trash from their search engine results.  Their search algorithms are like guided missiles, homing in on the scumbags and their worthless websites with greater precision every year.  Using low-quality link building schemes like other scumbags is like wearing a huge target on your back and begging them to take you out!

Here’s why:


Google Panda: Spammers Beware!

Google Panda

Panda was designed to wipe out low-quality websites from search engine results, such as article marketing websites.  This update to Google spelled doom for approximately 12% of all search engine results (source: Google) and greatly diminished the viability of scumbag tactics with little or no website content.

This also included websites that depended on paid links or link exchanges, web directories and other spamming techniques to build links.  A large portion of websites that use this sort of low-life business building model are no longer even listed on Google and the other search engines are following suit.


Google Penguin: Spammers Outlawed!

Google Penguin

Penguin targeted the other group of low-life scumbags that over-optimize their websites by spamming keywords or having a high amount of keyword-based anchor text for websites with low-quality or no content.  It also targets any website involved in any sort of the previously mentioned link building schemes.

Again numb-nuts, this includes but is not limited to any sort of paid links, link exchanges, link directories, duplicate content and so on.  In other words, if you have a website that has little or no content of any interest to anyone, has lots of paid advertising and has a boat-load of keywords and nothing else; Google and now many of the other major search engines like Bing, Yahoo and more will not even list your worthless website!

Both Panda and Penguin are periodically updated to keep ahead of the spammer and other scumbags out there trying to skate uphill.  These changes are meant to force websites to focus on building links the right way; organically.

That’s it for now Private Pyle; be back here next time for SEO Bootcamp Part 14 and share this with a friend!

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