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SEO Bootcamp Part 12

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SEO Bootcamp Part 12

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You had better get your [SEO] wired tight numb-nuts!
(R. Lee Ermey – Full Metal Jacket)

Well I see you came back for more after SEO Bootcamp Part 11.  The last time around I edumicated you on what to do to build lots of link-love as well as the value of that link-juice and how to do it.  But the party is over skid-mark, this time around I will teach how not to be a scumbag, spamming your website and social media with worthless links!

That’s right Roger Ram-Jet, there is a right way and a wrong way to build links to your website and blog.  I will tell you how other scumbags have ruined the parade and what the search engines have done to counteract it.  And of course I will definitely let you know about the consequences of being a scumbag like so many others!

SEO is not about spamming the [expletive deleted] out of search engines, it’s about not being a scumbag spammer and producing valuable content for humans! – SEO Gunny

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RVHWD’s SEO & SEM Services – Click here to get started!


The quick and easy way of building links is rarely the best way to do so.

How NOT To Build Links

Initially, the purpose of search engines was to count the quantity and quality of links back to any single web page.  It was to ensure that those pages were trustworthy and were providing valuable content to their users.  The better a web page met those standards, the more highly it ranked in the search engine results.

But there’s always some scumbag out there trying to cheat the system by finding quick solutions to build a massive amount of links back to web pages.  Of course that also means that the search engines had to make changes in order to combat these [expletive deleted]-holes.  So in order to better understand good and proper link-building, you also need to know what NOT to do, Private Pyle!

  1. Directories – Many web directories were built solely for the purpose of creating a lot of links back to web pages without any consideration given to the quality of those links.  Because of this, free directories are no longer getting indexed, especially with Google.
  2. Paid Links – Paying for links in a network or group and usually link to a host of low-quality websites.  This is the same concept as link exchanges, were links are posted in exchange for the posting of links.
  3. Article Marketing – This is the low-life practice of writing an article then rearranging the words to make multiple versions of the same content and placed on multiple websites.

What The Search Engines Are Doing About It

Search engines in general (and especially Google) have started completely removing free web directories from their search engine results.  That means that any ranking garnered because of that dirt-bag practice, will no longer benefit from them!  Not only is Google taking aggressive action against directories, they are also penalizing the website that rely heavily on this form of link-building.

Paid links, networks or groups all go against the Google Webmaster Guidelines and result in severe penalties.  Google and now other search engines are able to detect this sort of scumbag tactic by looking for repeat offenders and linking patterns that are affiliated with this sort of scum!

Last but not least, the search engines are on the lookout for low-quality content which is measured by user engagement.  If your content is crap but it is showing up on multiple websites, it will be labeled as garbage and not indexed at all.  Beware of websites that simply allow you to post whatever you like with no sort of oversight; this is a huge tip-off to the search engines to drop your dumb [expletive deleted] like a hot potato!

Be back next time for SEO Bootcamp Part 13 to learn more about what NOT to do with link building.  And be sure to share this with a friend or I will definitely [expletive deleted] you up, Private Pyle!

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