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RVHWD News September 2015

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RVHWD News September 2015

River Valley Hosting & Web Design

River Valley Hosting & Web Design

Here we are in September already; this year seems to be flying by and before we know it, the weather will start getting cooler, the leaves will change color and the holidays are just a couple of months away!  But that will all come to be all too soon, so lets focus on the good stuff happening behind the scenes at RVHWD.

First and foremost, the boss-man decided instead of posting another “rah-rah” post in September about how well we did in August, he would like to see something of value to our website visitors and of course our clients.  With that in mind, it just decided (as of this morning actually) that we would instead offer a brief newsletter of sorts that covers what is happening around RVHWD that would be of interest.  So here is RVHWD’s first monthly ‘News Brief’ enjoy!

RVHWD Website

As you may already be aware of, there has been several updates and additions to the RVHWD website in the month of August.  Primary among those changes was the complete re-working of the Web Hosting page, making it much more user friendly and informative.  All of the basic information is right there, in one spot, to start your website hosting subscription with just a few easy mouse clicks.

website hosting comparisonThe first addition to the RVHWD website came in the form of the Website Hosting Comparison page.  This page, as you may have guessed already, compares all three of the website hosting packages side-by-side.  All of the main features are compared for each web hosting package respectively, making it even easier to pick and chose the right services for you!

Some additional tweaking has already been planned for this page to make it more visually appealing to visitors.  This will mainly be with the use of some easy to understand symbols so that you can quickly get an idea of what each package offers without having to read every single note.

web application hostingThe most recent addition to the RVHWD website is the Web Application Hosting page.  The purpose of this page is to better explain the 75+ web applications that RVHWD web servers are set up to host.  Right now it has information on the top six web applications that current clients are using, to get things started.

During the month of September, it is planned to add even more information to that page on the other 70 some odd applications that are easily installed to your RVHWD web hosting account too.  However it is still not decided how we will handle expanding upon the basic information presented on this page, but that will be announced when we figure that out.

RVHWD Updates

As has been mentioned previously, we are still working on bringing back some old, familiar features that have been taken offline until the systems-wide security upgrades have been completed.  The first of those services to be brought back online in August is the Video Tutorials.

The next features that we hope to have back online in the next few weeks are the Client Service Area and the Live Help feature.

RVHWD is on fire



As was mentioned last month, the relaunch of the RVHWD website has exceeded all expectations for the first full month of July.  That trend has continued in August with incremental increases across the board in website traffic, page views, search engine spider visits and RSS Feeds.  Here’s the quick rundown:

  • 1,565 New/Unique Website Visitors (+7.8%)
  • 4,213 Total Visitors making 7,277 Total Visits
  • 7,748 New Page Views (+15.7%)
  • 40,492 Total Page Views
  • 4,617 Spider Visits (+24%)
  • 49,410 Spider Page Views
  • 717 RSS Feeds (+32.8%)

Those are some pretty impressive numbers!  And on top of that, 20% of website traffic remained on the RVHWD website for one hour or more!

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