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Every so often, you just have one of ‘those’ kind of days.  Well RVHWD has them occasionally too and today was just that sort of day.

Things started off with the usual routine of writing, checking to make sure that everything was up and running, answering the phones and so on.  It was a pretty typical day and progress was being made as well as getting ready to publish two new articles in the popular Business Blogging 101 and SEO Bootcamp series.  Both of which have been running since the beginning of August 2015 and typically result in about six articles each week.  In fact, one new article from each series was prepped and scheduled for publishing.

However, we were also doing some back-end work on the website to improve security.  It was during this process that an error was encountered, which resulted in us having to revert to the last back-up.  As luck would have it, the drafts of the two new articles were not included in that back-up and the articles were lost.

However, we will be back on schedule for tomorrow and the articles that would have been published today have been rescheduled for Friday, 28 August 2015.

the good news is...

The good news is; we’ll be back on schedule Friday!

The good news is that the freshly updated Web Hosting page and the newly published Web Hosting Package Comparison pages were saved in the back-up and are currently active!

So it was not a total loss today and we are just as bummed out about the articles as you are!  But SEO Gunny assures us (and you) that if they are not posted this coming Friday, it will be a very long and unpleasant weekend for all of us here at RVHWD.

We wouldn’t want that now, would we…

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