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Off to a pretty amazing start!

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Off to a pretty amazing start!

Web SecurityIn January 2015, the RVHWD website went offline due to a partially successful hacking attempt.  The attack was discovered in the early stages and the threat was eliminated before any customer websites or RVHWD’s web, mail and DNS servers were compromised.  But not before the hacker was in the process of making changes to the RVHWD website.

Immediately the attack was met with security counter-measures.

Initially, it was planned to get everything back to operation as normal, including the old RVHWD website.  However additional hacking attempts meant that the priority was shifted to keeping customer websites up and making sure that the web servers and other back-end systems remained secure.  This required a lengthy and time-consuming security sweep of all RVHWD infrastructure in order to safeguard our clients first.

By March 2015, most of this tightening of security was accomplished, it was then planned to reinstate the RVHWD website by the beginning of April.  But even those plans were delayed in favor of completing a number of projects that were held up by some hurdles.  Once those projects were completed, it was already mid-May, so the release date for the new RVHWD website was pushed back until the end of June.  As the end of June fast approached, the new RVHWD website was still not quite ready, so the release date was pushed back a few more days to July 4, 2015.

RVHWD is on fire


Yet by July 3rd, the basic website was ready for launch and by 8PM Eastern Standard time, it went live!  And what an amazing month July has been!

It has been a busy and somewhat crazy month of adding more content, dialing in the main website, resurrecting previous features and so on.  Almost all of the previous features and functions are now active along with some new ones and it is all with considerably tighter security.  In fact, the video tutorials system was just reactivated on Friday, July 31st after some tweaking.

The results have been nothing short of spectacular as RVHWD’s goal was to hit 500 unique visitors a month after relaunch and slowly stepping up from there.  But that goal was met just seven days after the successful relaunch, so we just kept adding more content to the site as well as adding more social media options in addition to the continued adjustment of other site content.  Less than two weeks later, that initial goal was doubled with more than 1,000 unique visitors and as of 11:59PM EST on July 31st, that number was an impressive 1,452!

Another initial goal for the relaunch of the RVHWD website was to have about 1,000 page views, for the month of July.  That goal was shattered as well with a whopping 6,695 page views!

explosive growth

RVHWD: Planning for the future

Of course there were some other more mundane goals for website traffic such as search engine spider visits and RSS feeds.  Those goals were exceeded well beyond expectations as well; all of which indicates that the new website is performing better than planned.  In light of this incredible first month, goals for traffic in August have been adjusted up a few months ahead of schedule, but the basic plan remains the same.

What this means for existing and future RVHWD clients is more useful and targeted content that is helpful.  More features will also be added as they are upgraded and made as secure as possible, to make the customer experience hassle-free and easy to use.  As these features become available, they will be announced with a special news release which is also published on the RVHWD Facebook page and on Twitter.

Here’s to a happy and successful August!

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