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Drupal Website Hosting

drupal hosting

Drupal Hosting – Develop your website with Drupal CMS on RVHWD! Drupal provides a wide variety of themes and extensions giving you a highly customizable look and feel to your website. The possibilities are virtually limitless with Drupal CMS and RVHWD’s Advanced Website Hosting Plan!

Drupal is an open-source content management framework that is used for many different applications from personal blogs to corporate, political and government websites.  It can also be used as a knowledge-base website or a platform for collaboration between businesses.  The basic or core installation can easily be used for creating a single or multi-user blog, a community website with user-generated content or as a simple website.  And with more than 30,000 modules available, it is also extremely flexible.

RVHWD supports Drupal website hosting and recommends the Advanced Website Hosting Plan as a starting point so that you have the minimum storage for media, blog posts and your database for some time to come.  However businesses are encouraged to consider the Enterprise Website Hosting Plan as it offers more of everything, especially storage space for all those media files.

RVHWD Drupal Services – Click here to get started!

RVHWD Drupal Services – Click here to get started!

RVHWD has made another addition to the website, bringing you more information specifically about Drupal and select web hosting services to get you started!  The new Drupal Hosting page gives you more information about Drupal Hosting with RVHWD as well as recommending the minimum website hosting package that will give you the tools you need to succeed.

In the interest of the on-going effort to give visitors to the RVHWD website more information, we have published a page to give you just that.  That page, Drupal Hosting, gives you the information you need to make an informed choice.  And doing so has never been easier!

Drupal is supported by a global community of dedicated developers that number in the thousands, including RVHWD!  So the options for adding modules or different themes is virtually limitless.  Besides, RVHWD can also create a truly unique theme for you too!

The Drupal Hosting page also coincides with a new special offer; if you already have a Drupal website hosted with someone else, when you pick the Enterprise Website Hosting Plan for one year, not only will you save 20% immediately, but RVHWD will move your existing blog for FREE!

Yes, you read that correctly, ABSOLUTELY FREE!  What are you waiting for?  Get started now!!!

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