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Design Project – Larry Williams

Design Project for Larry Williams

Web Design Project for Larry Williams

This website design project started with the unique idea of making the website look like a magazine, right down to a bar code on the “front cover” or home page.  It was a simple and straightforward static website project that took only a few days to complete.

The website was built using XHTML, CSS, JScript and PHP for a form handler.  A custom are map was used to make the magazine titles clickable and text links were added to the bottom of every page to aid with navigation as well as making sure that search engine spiders were able to index the entire website along with the links to the owner’s other websites.

The biggest concern was choosing between several high-quality publicity photos provided by The Image Gallery Photography Studio in Nevada.

Web Design Project Larry Williams

Inner-page design of the “magazine”

Quick Turn-Around

Once the final image was decided upon, the next step was to study several magazines and experiment with different layouts, fonts and colors.  A simple two-column layout won the vote which then came down to making some final tweaking to make it all come together.  As the initial design layout was being dialed in, it was also decided after some urging by RVHWD, to add social media links to the website as well, rounding out all of the design elements to be included in the finished product.

The website, while visually very appealing, was rather simplistic in implementation and required less than a week from start to finish.  The website only actually consisted of four web pages with links to the other related business websites that the owner had, to help boost off-page SEO.  A template was then created for the “inner” pages of the “magazine” in case there were more to be added in the future, so the remaining content was quickly developed and approved.

Overall, it was a fast but fun little project to work on!

  • Web Hosting: RVHWD Starter Plan
  • Cost of project: $500
  • Custom XHTML & CSS Website
  • Custom PHP Form & Form Handler
  • Graphics, Social Media & SEO
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