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Business Blogging 101 Part 9

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Business Blogging 101 Part 9

Business Blogging

Business Blogging 101

In the previous article, Business Blogging 101 Part 8, you learned about important considerations for starting and growing your business blog.  Most importantly, how often you need to be blogging was covered in detail and touched upon measuring your website performance as well as setting realistic goals for the future of your website.  It then went on to suggest the creation of a Content Creation Planner as a central location for your blogging topics as well as setting a schedule for publishing content.

But even that is just another small piece of the business blogging pie.  What you also need to do is make sure that all of your website content is being optimized, especially your blog posts.

Blog post optimization basics

To do well with the search engines and to get the attention of your ideal customers, you must optimize your content.

Optimize blog posts for SEO and lead generation

Optimize your business blog posts for search engines and lead generation which increases targeted traffic to your site and will eventually increase the generation of more sales.

How much you blog and how often are both important factors, even more so when you are just starting out.  They can have a huge impact on your website traffic.  However, you are doing a lot of work for unqualified traffic if you are not optimizing your content too.

By optimizing your content to attract the attention of your ideal clients as well as gaining good search engine ranking, you need to gear your content towards that goal.  To capitalize on this targeted traffic, you must also include offers that can positively impact your lead generation.  After that, it is pretty much just straight-forward math; the more targeted traffic you attract, the better your chances of generating sales.

So in light of that revelation, lets take a good look at a number of things that you can easily implement to boost your blog post optimization from the standpoint of improving your SEO as well as from the perspective of generating more qualified leads.

social media share button

Social Media sharing buttons – use them!

#1 – Social Media Sharing Buttons

The easiest way to give your blog content extended reach to a much wider audience is by adding social media buttons to each blog post (as well as your entire website).  This encourages visitors to your website and your business blog to share your content within their own personal and professional networks, giving you even more exposure than ever before.  This is extremely important because it extends your audience well beyond that of your own personal and business connections.

Be sure that you use more than one or two social media sharing buttons too.  There are a lot of social media websites out there today and more popping up all of the time.  That being the case, you are throwing away opportunities if you only focus on two or three of the major social media websites.  In fact, many of your website visitors will have social media accounts on multiple sites and giving them more chances to share your content gives you access to networks and potential customers that you did not have before.

Business Blogging

Use images or graphics that help to convey your message.  Visual elements in business blog posts have proven to perform better than blog posts that are just all text.

#2 – Use compelling images and graphics

Include at least one, preferably more images that convey what the blog post is about.  Statistics clearly show that blog posts that use at least one visually appealing or related image (picture, graphic or infographic) perform better than blog posts that are strictly text-based.  In other words, blog articles that use some sort of visual elements that are related to the post content attract more traffic than those that do not.

The question then may be something like; but where do I find good graphics or images to use for my blog?

The answer is like anything else; it depends on how much time and/or money you want to dedicate to creating your own, search for them on the web, starting a membership on any of the numerous stock photo sites or perhaps contracting someone to take care of that for you.  Typically, you can find some decent images to use on your site by using royalty-free websites, stock photos, etc.  Do your research and you may wish to consider a paid membership with one or more of those kinds of services in order to obtain higher-quality images for your business blog.


This article covered just two ideas for making your business blog more visually appealing to your website visitors.  But in addition to that, you want to also make sure that you provide them with multiple means of sharing your content with their network of family, friends and co-workers, greatly expanding your reach beyond your already established network.  The more the merrier!  But most importantly, striking a balance between optimizing your business blog for the search engines as well as attracting your ideals clients, will give you the best results.

In Business Blogging 101 Part 10, we’ll cover even more ideas for creating that balance and sticky factor for the search engines and your website visitors.

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