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Business Blogging 101 Part 20

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Business Blogging 101 Part 20

Business Blogging

Business Blogging 101

Welcome back!  In the previous article, Business Blogging 101 Part 19, you learned about two of the most important metrics you should be paying close attention to when measuring the performance of your business blog.  But the most important point made was the fact that you need to monitor your blog so that it saves you time, effort and money.  This is because if you do not know what is performing and what it not, you cannot possibly know how and where to focus your energy to better reach your target audience.

However that article only covered two very important metrics to be monitoring.  Lets take a look at some more very important metrics that you also need to keep an eye on to see how your blog and your articles are performing.

RSS Feed Button

RSS Feed Button


It takes more than reading an article or two for people to get to know, understand and trust your brand.  Along with that comes building expertise and credibility within your industry as well as in the eyes of your audience.  Giving those readers the opportunity to subscribe to your blog or newsletter goes a long away towards making that credibility a solid reality.  One such method is called Really Simple Syndication (RSS) or via email subscriptions; both are common characteristics of a well-planed business blog.

Periodically taking a look at how many people are subscribing to your business blog provides a rock-solid indication of the quality and consistency of your content.  Also keep in mind that your subscribers form the foundation of your readership and can help to spread your blog content to others.

In-Bound Links

Tracking in-bound links is another great indicator of how well your business blog is doing.  Specifically, when another website links to your website, it is called an in-bound link.  Search engines use in-bound links as one of the determining factors of how well your pages and posts place in search engine ranking results.  Generally speaking, the better the content, the more likely that it will generate in-bound links and therefore also boost placement on search engine results.

In light of that, it is important to know how many in-bound links each of your business blog posts attract.  Different types of posts and topics will generate varying results as far as how many in-bound links they generate.  Comparing how your articles are performing will give you insight as to what generates more in-bound links and what does not.

social media

Be sure to track social media sharing of your content and to help drive short-term website traffic and leads.

Social Media Shares

Of course what would a business blogging article be without talking about social media?  In a nutshell, social media can be a powerful driver of short-term traffic to your posts.  Look at how your social media shares have performed historically for each of your blog posts and you will start to see what types of articles get the most short-term traffic from social media.

You could also look at how your social media shares compare to your website visitor traffic or even leads to see if there are any major inconsistencies.  The trick here is to figure out why there may be inconsistencies and better still, how you can use them to your advantage.


These are three more important tools to help you measure the success of your business blog.  They will also help you to better understand what works and what does not, when creating new content, saving you time, effort and money in the long run!


This concludes the Business Blogging 101 series of articles and we hope that they have helped you map out your road to business blogging success!

Remember, business blogging is an essential part of online marketing.  It helps to gain additional exposure for your brand and your business, in front of a much larger audience as well as helping you to develop industry leadership and credibility.  Last but far from least, it has a direct impact on search engine results based upon organic search traffic and referrals as well as creating a much better targeted lead generation source.

But most importantly of all, have fun with it!  And please share these articles with a friend.

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