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Business Blogging 101 Part 17

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Business Blogging 101 Part 17

Business Blogging

Business Blogging 101

In Business Blogging 101 Part 16, you got two more ideas of how to promote your blog for incredible success!  As has been mentioned numerous times throughout this series, one of the most important parts of that success is in prompting your blog visitors to DO something.  This is called a Call-To-Action and a blog or any business website without them is losing business!

Another important idea is the use of QR Codes on everything!  This includes any branded materials from business cards and brochures to convention materials or displays, promotional items and so on.  A QR Code can easily be set up to take someone to your blog, website or even a specific landing page.  They can also be used to register people for an RSS feed from your blog, register for an email newsletter and so on; the options are limited only by your imagination and creativity.

With that in mind, lets take a look at some more ways you can set your blog up for smashing success!

#5 Email Signatures

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many business owners, marketers and so on, that never thought about utilizing them.  Surprisingly, email signatures with a link to your blog can drive a huge amount of traffic there.  That is why there are entire services solely based upon email marketing and every single one of them recommends adding some form of link to your website and/or blog.

Be sure to add links to your website and blog in your signature for EVERY single email that you send!

business blogging 101

Contests are a fun way to get people to promote your business, brand and blog for you!

#6 Conduct A Contest

Contest are great because everyone likes to win something.  Use this to your advantage by creating a contest that attracts more attention and traffic to your blog!

To do this, you will need to create an entry system that requires bloggers to link back to your blog.  This can be in the form of posting an article related to one of yours, retweeting a post from your blog or even “liking” your page on Facebook in order to be eligible.  You could even go so far as making allowing multiple entries for each post, tweet and so on.

Any one of these methods is sure to drive more traffic to your blog and expand your audience with new visitors to your website and blog!

Business Blogging

Links to your website and blog in your email signatures will drive a lot of traffic to your website.  The same is true for running a contest.  Use these tools!


Expanding your tools for promotional success includes using email signatures with links to your website and blog in every single email you ever send to anyone at any time.  The amount of traffic that email signatures drives to your website can be simply astounding and possibly even alarming at times (depending on the size of your mailing list).

Another fantastic method is to run a contest or even several contests to get people posting, tweeting and liking your brand.  This creates more link-love for your blog and therefore also affects your off-page SEO as well as improving your search engine results.  This generates buzz about your business and expands your audience at little or no cost to you; it’s a sure-fire success!

Be sure to share this post with your friends and come back for Business Blogging 101 Part 18 for even more great ideas in promoting your blog!

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