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Business Blogging 101 Part 16

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Business Blogging 101 Part 16

Business Blogging

Business Blogging 101

Happy Monday!  After a few hiccups last week, we are back on schedule with bringing you even more value-added content about Business Blogging.  In the last article, Business Blogging 101 Part 15, you started learning about what it takes to promote your blog; the most important concept of which is to have already set your blog up for success.

The first part of that is to develop relationships with other industry experts and bloggers to find new audiences and get someone else generating buzz about your business blog.  The second step is leveraging the power of social media to get your clients and website visitors talking about your business blog, sharing your content and expanding your audience.  But these are just the first two steps, lets take a look at some more!


Calls-To-Action entice your readers to DO something.

#3 Calls-To-Action

It cannot be emphasized enough, the power of calls-to-action drives traffic to your blog, your landing pages and sooner or later, to your contact page or online store.  This was covered in some detail in Business Blogging 101 Part 13 so be sure to place calls-to-action on different pages of your website, such as your home page and About Us as well as in the articles you create for your business blog.

But you must take your time and carefully create the language in your calls-to-action.  For example, you can emphasize the number of people that already subscribe to your blog by RSS feed and/or email.  The language for that would look something like this; “10,000 people have already subscribed to our blog.  Join them today!”

rvhwd qr code

RVHWD website QR code

#4 QR Codes

If you get out and make presentations to audiences on a topic related to your business or are simply participating in such an event/convention/workshop/etc. you can refer the audience to your blog for further information.  One such method would be using a QR code (those funky little scanable bar-codes that you find on just about everything now) to allow people to quickly and easily subscribe to your blog with any smart phone.

As in the example to the left states, this particular QR code will give you a link to go to the RVHWD website.  This could just as easily been to a specific page on your website such as a landing page, your online store, contact information and so on.  Just as easily done is creating a RSS Feed that subscribes the smart phone to receive your blog posts!

Business Blogging

The more tools you use and the more different ways that you use them, increases the odds of your business blog meeting your goals!


This time around, you learned more steps about setting your blog up for success including the all-important, calls-to-action and using QR codes, especially if you are participating in a special event such as making a presentation, supporting a workshop or having a booth at a convention.  Just as easily, you can add QR codes to anything that relates to your business and business blog, such as business cards, products, brochures, web pages, social media and so on.

But try not to limit yourself to just using a few tools in one or two ways.  The more of these tools you use and the more ways that you find to use them greatly increases the likelihood that your business blog will meet and exceed all of your expectations.  Variety is the spice of life, so be sure to spice up your business blog!

Be sure to share this with your friends and come back for even more tips in Business Blogging 101 Part 17!

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