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Business Blogging 101 Part 15

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Business Blogging 101 Part 15

Business Blogging

Business Blogging 101

In the latest article Business Blogging 101 Part 14 wrapped up the last several addressing the optimization of your blog and posts.  Topics covered included every imaginable aspect of blogging with the final three being discussed.  This included creating relevant content, creating content that was both informative and entertaining as well as making a strong, bold statement while not being apologetic about it.

But taking a look at the bigger picture, this entire series of articles so far have been about optimizing your blog content for search engines, SEO, good search engine ranking and making your content actionable, to name just a few of those aspects.  But what they have not covered yet is setting your blog up for success.  The kind of success where you get noticed and become a recognized authority in your niche, above the thousands upon tens of thousands of blogs out there.

Promoting Your Blog

A blog is much easier to promote if it has already been optimized for success!

Face it, there are literally tens if not hundreds of thousands of blogs out there on the Internet and getting found is not quite as easy as it once used to be.  But if you are convinced that your blog should stand out from the growing crowd, you will need to do the necessary work in order to promote it.  Promoting your blog or website will drive more traffic to your blog and/or website, just as it increases your exposure to new clients/customers and it also helps to establish you as the ‘go-to’ or authority in your market/industry.

But the reality is that a blog is much easier to promote if it has already been optimized for success.  This optimization has already been covered in previous articles covering creating compelling headlines and images.  It also needs to be easy and convenient for your visitors to spread blog posts across their networks, including social media.  So using those tools you have already been given, lets look at the many different ways in which you can gain that additional visibility for your blog.

business blog promotion

Develop relationships with influential bloggers within your industry.  This creates win-win situations where both blogs benefit from multiple cross-linking (in-bound links) both ways!

#1 Develop Relationships

Probably the best, easiest and cheapest form of promotion for your blog involves leveraging your existing connections and develop closer relationships.  Reach out to influential bloggers in your industry and attract their attention by mentioning them on your blog as well as in social media.  The goal here is to create opportunities for them to share your posts across their networks, creating additional exposure for you in a previously untapped segment of the market.

This is called leveraging your network.  More importantly, this is also a great means of link-building that is essential for both parties and their blogs, improving the search engine ranking of both through the accumulation of said links.  It is important to remember that this is a win-win situation, so be sure to sell it as such when approaching others about posting or linking to their content and them doing the same for you.

social media share button

Social Media sharing buttons – use them!

#2 Social Media

This series of articles has also covered the importance of adding social media sharing features to your website, blog and every single post you make.  So it will probably go without saying that this is also one of the top priorities in the dynamic promotion of your blog too.  Almost every blog you find has some form of social media sharing widgets, so make sure that your blog does too.  This makes it easy and convenient for readers to share your content across their social media networks, gaining you additional exposure.

Whenever you publish content to your blog, you also need to make sure that it is mentioned on the main social media networks such as Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and Twitter.  The prime locations for these social media sharing buttons belongs at the top, bottom and to the left and/or right of every post.  Make it easy for your readers and use at least two of these locations for social media button placement.

Business Blogging

Optimize your blog for success by developing relationships and using social media buttons.


These are just the first and coincidentally the most important steps for promoting your blog.  These first two methods also go hand-in-hand as they are about developing relationships and creating win-win situations with other bloggers as well as making it easy for visitors to share your content in their networks.  With a little bit of forethought and planning, both can be utilized readily to increase your business blog promotion efforts.

But these are just the first two methods that were covered, there are many more that you will likely want to add to your blog promotion tool kit.  The next installment to this series will go over a few more methods for optimizing your business blog for success!

Be sure to share this with your network and come back for Business Blogging 101 Part 16.

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