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Business Blogging 101 Part 14

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Business Blogging 101 Part 14

Business Blogging

Business Blogging 101

In the last episode, Business Blogging 101 Part 13, you learned more about placing calls-to-action in-line with your textual content as well as placing them on the sidebar(s) of your website and blog as well as in the prime real estate located in the header of your website and/or blog.  But you were also cautioned to not over-use them as they can clutter up your website and blog as well as reducing the effectiveness of even your star performers for lead generation.  Making your content actionable wrapped up that article, emphasizing that all of that great content you are publishing means nothing if you do not give your readers some real ‘meat and potatoes’ to chew on.

This time around, you’ll get even more great ideas and actionable items that you can start using today, when creating content for your business blog.

#8 Create Relevance

One of the easiest and quickest ways you can share a complex thought, idea or concept is with the use of metaphors.  Metaphors are a tried and true method of telling a story, that’s not just for novelists any more.  Why not make them a part of your blog too?

Essentially, a metaphor is used to draw a connection between two seemingly different things and bridging that gap with understanding that adds value in the form of relevance.  It is also a great way to generate more interest in your blog subject matter by website visitors.  For example, SEO Gunny used a metaphor in SEO Bootcamp Part 6 to make a valuable point that a web page or blog without content is like a machine gun without bullets!  Everyone knows that you won’t be doing any shooting without any ammo, so he made a very simple but extremely powerful statement that a blog without content is just as useless.


Create entertaining content that is educational and your readership fan-base will explode!  Create projects and blog about them, showcasing your business, your brand and your people.

#9 Edutainment (Educational Entertainment)

Just because you are writing articles or other website content to be informative, does not mean that it has to be boring.  Create a project based upon your business and blog about it.  Post a video of you and your people building the project and showing off the finished product.  Better still, post a video of ‘outtakes’ and/or bloopers and post that too!

For example, lets say that XYZ Automotive repair is developing a blog.  One sure way to capture extra attention and web traffic is post a series of articles on how to customize cars or to pimp out a lawn mower as a drag racer.  Let your folks come up with some ideas of what to do and then give them a little time each week or month to work on it; you’ll be surprised by the results.

#10 Be Unapologetic

Great blogs are neither weak, timid or mild.  They are clear-cut, direct and to the point as well as bold.  Take a stance and stand for something; make a strong and bold statement and stick by it.  Don’t waver or back down from your opinions or advice.  Be a bold, unapologetic subject matter expert and stick to your guns!

Business Blogging

Blogs that are bold and entertaining as well as relevant generate the most website traffic!


When blogging, don’t be afraid to use metaphors and similes to foster understanding in your readership.  Don’t be afraid to make it entertaining too, because interested readers are much more likely to share something that is entertaining as well as educational.  And last, but far from least, take a stand for something, be bold and make a definitive statement each and every time you publish content.

Let your creative juices flow and get input from your employees.  You can develop and entire series of articles around these sorts of projects that you publish every so often.  These sorts of blog posts will generate more website traffic because your readers will be much more likely to share your content with friends, family and co-workers.

In Business Blogging 101 Part 15, we will start to take a look at promoting your blog, so be sure to share this and all the rest of the articles here on RVHWD’s blog!

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  2. […] Business Blogging 101 Part 14, you will find even more ideas and best practices to get the most out of your business blogging […]

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