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Business Blogging 101 Part 13

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Business Blogging 101 Part 13

Business Blogging

Business Blogging 101

The last time around in Business Blogging 101 Part 12, you learned about the importance of formatting.  Simple things such as a relevant image or infographic along with headings, bold text, italicized text and a limited number of bullet points can take a ‘ho-hum’ post and make it look much more interesting.  It also makes it much easier for your readers to quickly scan over and digest should they want to read more.

But all of the formatting and tantalizing headlines in the world mean nothing if you do not have some well-placed calls-to-action.  We have already covered this somewhat way back in Business Blogging 101 Part 4, but here we will go into more details with the In-Line or text-based Calls-To-Action as well as taking a look at Calls-To-Action in your blog sidebar.


Calls-To-Action entice your readers to DO something.

#5 In-Line (text-based) Calls-To-Action

Once you have built an audience for your blog, you will want to star making an attempt to convert those visitors into leads.  In other words, well-developed blog posts will always have in-text links to other resources, such as another related blog post.

To maximize lead generation potential, point these links to landing pages for downloadable special offers such as an ebook you have written, a podcast or video you have recorded or other conversion opportunities like a product or service demonstration, free trails and so forth.  Have a whitepaper that you have written, use that too!

#6 Sidebar Calls-To-Action

In addition to your Calls-To-Action in each and every posting, every other page on your website can generate leads too.  The top of the blog and the siderbar(s) are both excellent locations to capture the attention of your website visitors with well-placed CTA banners and buttons.  But you do not want to over do it!

There are several schools of thought on this, but you want to make sure that you have your best, visually-appealing CTAs that link to your landing pages for your best-performing offers.  But be sure to test your other offers too, possibly rotating the them to make sure that you are getting the biggest bang for lead generation.  This could be something as simple as some A/B testing or rotating several CTAs and monitoring the performance of each to see which ones have the most power for conversion rates.

#7 Make Your Articles Actionable

It does not matter how people made it to your website or blog, whether they used a search engine, a social media network or an email newsletter, the probably visited your website or viewed an article in order to solve a problem.  And the number one reason that people share links to articles and websites is because it offered insight that they could put into action.  Otherwise known as Actionable Content.

The trick here is to provide clear information and steps that they can take in your blog posts.  When you do this, your content resonates with readers, making them much more likely to share your content with family, friends and/or co-workers that face similar issues.  In other words, its not enough to simply write about your products, services or ideas; give them something that they can do about it.

Business Blogging

Each and every article you publish needs to have some well-placed CTAs and the posts also need to be actionable!


It is not enough to just blog about your business and what it offers; you need to also put the content into the context of a problem that your readers face and then you need to offer a way to solve that problem using your products, services or ideas.  i.e. Your business.

You do this by adding Calls-To-Action to each and every article you publish.  In-line or text-based CTAs work best for this.  But you also need to devote some of the prime real estate on the top and sidebar(s) of your website too, rotating your top performers to get the best lead generation power out of each.

In Business Blogging 101 Part 14, you will find even more ideas and best practices to get the most out of your business blogging efforts!

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