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Business Blogging 101 Part 11

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Business Blogging 101 Part 11

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Business Blogging 101

In Business Blogging 101 Part 10, you learned about some tips and techniques for generating attention-getting headlines for your blog posts that are also optimized for the Internet.  It was the third concept for driving more traffic to your blog, but it also broke that topic down into distinct methods of generating interest in your content.  In fact, that article discussed five different ways of doing just that.

Specifically, the article discussed being direct and to the point with your titles and creating a sense of urgency that they need to read your content.  It also revealed that people love to learn how to do something and what to avoid, suggesting the use of How-to and What-NOT-to-do articles to garner traffic from those groups.  Last but not least, that post also suggested the use of numbers to help set expectations.

But that juicy article also left you with the notion that there are even more ways of creating optimized headlines that gets the attention of readers and drives even more traffic to your business website and blog.  So here are even more ways to grab the attention of readers!

blog headlines

Keep your titles simple; wordy headlines make your readers fall asleep before they ever have a chance to read your literary genius.  Create timely titles that are newsworthy or even use the tabloid technique of sensationalism to make your readers want to read more.  Like right now.

#3 – Optimized & Attention-Grabbing Titles Continued…

Here are even more ways to create headlines or titles that grabs the attention of readers and makes them want to learn more.  Use them alone or even combine two or more for better impact!

  • Keep It Simple Slick – Keep your titles simple, brief and concise.  This may sound a lot like the be clear and direct approach mentioned in the previous article, but it is also a method to keep from sounding long-winded.  A complicated title in the reader’s mind equates to a complicated read and that kills their interest.  A rule to live by is keeping your titles or headlines to less than ten words, with the emphasis being on less is more!
  • Be Newsworthy – It suffices to say, news sells and studies have shown that ‘breaking news’ type posts are successful at attracting readers.  In fact, one such study shows that a title with the term ‘launch’ in it performs very well.  Using this technique you must use wording that indicates the newsworthiness or timeliness of your post.
  • Sensationalism – Hey, just like newsworthy works for the newspaper and other news media, sensationalism is one of their often used tools too.  An example of this would be your average tabloid at the checkout counter in your local supermarket; ever read those while you are waiting in line?  Use the same technique for creating blog headlines that grabs your readers by the nose and makes them want to read your content.  Be dramatic!
  • Be Controversial – Just as news sells, bad news sells even more.  Being controversial can generate a lot of discussions and spark debates, that will also help your content spread quicker than a California wildfire.  Experiment with being controversial in your next blog headline and see how your readership reacts to it.  But don’t over do it or just be controversial for the sake of being controversial.  It is absolutely essential that when you create a post like this that you have solid facts or opinions, well thought-out reasoning and facts to back up your opinions.
  • Be Entertaining – Not everyone is into the whole doom and gloom sort of thing and do their best to avoid conflict (i.e. controversy), so you may wish to try the opposite approach by being positive and entertaining.  Share your message of hope and a light at the end of the tunnel to uplift readers by enticing them with a headline that offers solace in a crazy world or at least offers to make it a bit more bearable.  Another angle on the entertaining headline is being humorous or at least slightly tongue-in-cheek.  Test the waters and see how your readership responds; of course writing humorous content also helps if you are at least somewhat funny too.
Business Blogging

Use attention-grabbing headlines to capture the attention and interest of your website visitors!


This article covered five more ways that you can use to create post titles that creates interest and drives traffic to your website and blog.  Each one of these may be used as stand-alone concepts or they may even be combined for far greater affect.  First and foremost, keep your titles simple.  But you may also want to make sure that your headlines are timely or newsworthy, just as you may wish for them to be controversial or sensational to generate a lot of buzz.  But if that does not work for you, you may wish to try the entertainment approach; being positive and up-lifting or perhaps humorous if that is more your style.

In Business Blogging 101 Part 12, we will look at even more ways to help boost your business blogging efforts and putting you on the fast-track to marketing success!

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