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Another milestone reached

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Another milestone reached


1,000+ Unique Visitors

Today, just ten days after River Valley Hosting & Web Design announced that it had already reached its goal of 500 visitors in the month of July, it has already doubled that number shattering another record!  It was announced in the article titled ‘The new RVHWD website is HOT!‘ on July 10, 2015.

In other words, in just three weeks time, RVHWD has already had more than one-thousand unique site visitors; that is twice what the goal was set for after the relaunch!

But wait, that’s not all!


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It was also announced in the same article that there were already more than 1,500 page views.  That’s pretty impressive in its own right, but that got blown out of the water too.  Because as of today, RVHWD has had more than 4,300 page views!  That’s nearly triple what it was!!!

RVHWD announced that it already had over 800 visits by search engines; as of today that number is fast approaching 2,300 mark!  Again, that is nearly triple what it was and almost 2.5 times more than the goal that was set for July!

RSS Feeds are up too, currently standing at 271 and you guessed it, that is also nearly triple than the 100 that were reported in the previous article.  So let the flag waving and the fireworks continue all month long as RVHWD makes an amazing come-back.

Crankin’ up the heat!


RVHWD: Keeping it Simple!

As promised, RVHWD is bringing you even more useful content than ever before.  Such as articles showcasing just a few of our hundreds of web design and web development projects, tips and advice in the Web Design Articles, the Web Development Articles categories, the Web Design Portfolio and Featured Projects articles.  And there is also going to be lots more valuable information coming soon like in the recent article on Brand Building 101 and Web Redesign 101 articles.

Would you like to see this sort of growth with your existing website?  Don’t have a website for your business yet, but want a piece of the action?  Not feeling excited about your web designer or web hosting provider?

Contact RVHWD today to fix that; your life could be so much easier (at least as far as websites  and web hosting go)!

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