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Add-On Domain FAQS



Q. What is an Add-on Domain?
A. An Add-on Domain is a fully functional domain that will work out of a special directory within your main site’s web directory which acts as a fully independent website.

Q. What is an Add-on Domain used for?
A. The Add-on Domain feature is mainly used for adding another website to your existing web hosting account.  Typically, this is done for a separate web site that may have related content to your main website.  Usually these are small sites used for landing pages and other specialized content, used to drive traffic or customers to your main site, without the need for creating a hosting account for each and every add-on domain name.

Q. How do I set up/create an add-on domain on my existing web hosting account?
A. To create an add-on domain, you must first have another domain name or you will need to purchase another in order to begin this process.  For example:

ATTENTION: You will of course need to make the proper DNS settings before proceeding any further.  If you are unsure how to accomplish this step, please review the DNS FAQs for more information and the steps to do so.

Once the DNS settings have been completed, you then need to log into your cPanel and select the Add-on Domains button.  This page will guide you through the process, starting with the domain name you wish to use.  MAKE SURE the add-on domain name you give it does not already have a folder named the same or it will cause an error message and the add-on domain will not work!

You will also have the option of assigning user names and passwords to this add-on domain, thereby restricting access to the content of that web folder.  Anyone visiting will be immediately prompted to enter a user name and password before viewing any content of the add-on domain.  If you do not wish to restrict the content of this add-on domain, simply leave these options empty.

Q. What is the difference between a sub-domain, an add-on domain and a parked domain?
A. A parked domain is a different domain than the one for which you have a web hosting account.  A domain name that is parked on another shows the same web site to visitors whether they clicked a link in a search engine or used a bookmark to your main domain name or the parked one.  For example is parked on; either domain will show the exact same web pages, just with a different extension.

An add-on domain acts as its own website, independent of your main account domain name.  For example, may be created as an add-on domain to; both act as totally independent web sites of each other but are on the same hosting account.  It should also be noted that the add-on domain also creates a sub-domain in your web folder directory, in this case it would be the directory.

A sub-domain is simply a section or part of your main domain name as described in the Sub-Domain FAQs.

Q. Help I added an Add-on Domain, why did it say sub-domain added?!
A. cPanel creates the add-on domain as a special sub-domain by adding a new folder within your main site’s web directory.  You may ignore this; it is simply the way that the special directory is handled on the web server, it is still a fully functional and independent domain name on the same hosting account that your main site is on.

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