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6 Killer Marketing Emails

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6 Killer Marketing Emails

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Email Marketing Secrets

6 Killer Marketing Emails

As was discussed in the article 5 Email Marketing Challenges & Solutions, whether you are just getting started with email marketing or have some experience, you have also likely wondered about the how and why of the different types of emails that you can send out.  You may have even asked some questions along these lines:

Should I nurture subscribers with weekly newsletters?

Are dedicated emails better at getting more sales?

What about email digests; are they any good?

These are valid questions that you should be asking yourself when considering what to send and when.  But to make an educated answer, you need to know about the six types of killer emails that will fill your sales and marketing funnel when leveraged properly.

#1 Email Newsletter – This is an effective means of staying top of mind, a lot of companies already use this one.  The first step is to define your goal for the email newsletter.  This may be something like brand awareness, increasing social sharing, nurturing an existing client base and so on.  The advantages are brand awareness, you can repurpose content and you can offer a diverse array of content in email newsletters.

The disadvantage is that due to the condensed nature of newsletters, your call-to-action is diluted and not nearly as strong as it is with other types.  The only way around that is to have a clear and concise call-to-action after each segment or block of content.  Of course there is also the design aspect that you must consider, such as the placement of images and other design elements not found in other types of emails.

#2 Digest – Similar to newsletters but offer summaries of existing information from a specified and typically narrow time frame.  They also typically highlight only the more popular items/content.  They are also typically much easier to consume as they consist of lists and links, to help the email recipient to scan through quickly.  Experiment with the layout and see what works best for your audience, but this is much more simpler than any newsletter design.

#3 Dedicated Email – Dedicated or stand-alone emails contain information about only one offer.  This could be something like notifying your contacts of a new ebook you are offering or perhaps inviting them to attend an event you are hosting.  But no matter what it is, the whole concept is to introduce your readers to the main call-to-action.  Think of them as a landing page that you send out via email.  The advantage here is that you have a very focused (and singular) call-to-action, they are pretty easy to create and just as easy to measure.

The disadvantage is that there is typically no set schedule for sending them out.  The other disadvantage is that the content tends to be rather vanilla or one-dimensional in nature, leaving little or no room for other important content; otherwise it would not be a dedicated send.

#4 Lead Nurturing – As an inbound marketer, lead nurturing should be one of your top priorities.  Understanding the needs of your leads as well as the timing is the at the very core of lead nurturing.  It introduces a series of tightly connected emails with a coherent purpose and also feature useful content.  This offers more advantages to the individual than just sending a simple email blast.  So the greatest advantage is in the timing, that it is targeted and it can also be automated.

The drawback is that it doesn’t quite generate as much recent or concurrent buzz.  In other words, it creates a steady trickle of website traffic.

#5 Sponsorship Emails – As the name implies, you are not simply sending emails to your own list of contacts, rather you are sponsoring another company’s email going out to their contact list.  In 2011, U.S. companies along spent $1.51 billion on sponsoring emails.  This puts you in front of a highly targeted audience and provides you with exact numbers to measure your ROI.

#6 Transactional Emails – This could be something as simple as a “Thank You” note for signing up for your webinar or completing some other type of transaction.  This could also be like the invoices or receipts that your receive after completing an online purchase from an ecommerce website.  These types of emails have very high click-through rates and adding a highly customized call-to-action can help to generate more sales!

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